Prime Labs - Men's Testosterone Booster

Prime Labs - Men's Testosterone Booster

Will I be able to dead lift three times more bags of crap with this?


Fun fact, the provider of this item incentives 5 star reviews which is not allowed on Amazon. If you give the product a 5 star review, you get a second bottle free.

So just be aware that some of those reviews are very likely lies.


So, how many of the 23,376 reviews are lies? Or we should just trust you?

How would I know which are lies? How would you know? I’m saying exercise caution, because:

Still don’t believe me?

I signed up for it using a fake name and fake email address on their page. This is the email I got:


While it doesn’t say exactly 5 stars, it does say that if “you feel like the products are right for you”, and combined with what other reviews have said on Amazon, they only send freebies to those that review with 5 stars.

Does the product work? I’m not a chemist. Reviews on the internet claim that the product makes a lot of claims but could only partially work based on what’s in the product itself.

Since people will be willing to give 5 stars for free stuff, it’s not completely unheard of that there would be some lousy/low-effort/fake reviews in order to get free products.

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Thanks for your opinion, but coming from a cloaked, anonymous user…which one are you selling? Is it better?

I’m not selling anything. I just don’t have an avatar here and I don’t like the woot avatars.

To prove it, here’s my status from the woot main site. It probably says posts 2 because that’s how many I had on the old forums before Woot changed over:


As to what’s better, honestly I don’t know. I was considering going to GNC or something and see what they suggest.


Great Neptunian Chocolatiers?

Which is not much better but they have lots of products in store so I can go around and look at them.

I bought one was asked to text the number on the container with my amz purchase number for a second one, and never got it…

Yes, it is.

He’s backed his opinion with facts and evidence, and furthermore, has no real incentive to lie.

You, on the other hand? Trollolololol.


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netMASA has been around for a long time.


Yes, after the fact. I’m not as big of a Troll as you’re painting here missy. :slight_smile:

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There’s a lot of testosterone around here.

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I heard too much testosterone contributes to male pattern baldness. Is that just an urban myth to make baldies feel more manly?


According to @davejlives, the 2nd best selling product on Woot!

You’re Welcome.

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