Prime Only: Berries or Cherries

Prime Only: Berries or Cherries

Holy Wow! I got Berries or Cherries! Are those keto or am I going to have a(nother) cheat day?

I already got one. Wish I waited for prime-only so I could feel superior to non-primos.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Or, at least, some of what the chicken produces after eating his dinner.

Woah! Easiest b o c ever! I left myself a note to check Woot! today and decided to look at the forums, and there was this Berries or Cherries. I should also play the lottery and try to buy show tickets today.

I guess I was too busy with other woot stuff to mention:

I GOT THIS PO:BOC!!! Yay!!! Woo Hoo!!!

There are very few comments here for a coveted PO:BOC.
Maybe it was too easy to snag one?

:w_boc: :w_eyeroll: :w_light: :w_boc: :w_banana: :w_worried: :w_bananas: :w_happy2: :w_light: :w_sleepy: :w_meh: :w_happy2: :w_curious: :w_bigeyes: :w_bananas: :w_worried: :w_worried: :w_boc: :w_boc: :w_banana: :w_boc: :w_light: :w_sleepy: :w_meh:

Come over to the main BOC thread to share your crap!

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