Prime Pilot 600 Portable GPS



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Prime Pilot 600 Portable GPS
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nothing there…


useful linkage blog has comparison engines… listed and whatnot… not helpful for this woot… cuz no one’s got this… probably means it is super cool… so i won’t link in the main post, due to the weakness of the blog post tonite… go through that sig if you really wanna look… on to the club… nite nite…


looks ugly


hey, at least it has a calculator.


didn’t we see this or something very similar earlier this week?


Don’t bother Googling the Prime Pilot 600 Portable GPS. Little is known about its origins.??? that doesn’t sound comforting.


Wonder if it can be hacked to run TomTom, like the Evesham Nav-Cam from a while back…


Something about telling us to not bother googling this made me do it… Nice to see I’m not the only one. :smiley:


Like this one but I have a whistler brought from here already. I wonder how this one compares to the one I have.


Anyone know if it will read street names? I couldn’t tell based on the description.

Also, besides that what are other things to watch out for with GPS units? What separates some of the $500 ones from these?


Not for me. The fact that it’s nowhere to be seen anywhere else on the Internet is NOT a good thing, despite what is said.

And another GPS? Come on.


Wow, thanks for the totally useless link! What is this product anyway? Someone must have found a good deal on imported GPS modules from China.


I would stick with garmin for a GPS


This looks soooo cutting edge. Does it run on floppy or tape?

G’nite all.


I don’t understand why companies think I want my GPS to also be a multi-media music and video player, but at least this over-compensating nav unit has a modern SiRFStar III chipset, instead of the usual outdated slow-to-lock units in so many others.


Rad, I was the first to buy AND I have been researching GPS systems but have waited on buying one. Woohoo!


No wootcast again?

:frowning: Bring back the wootcast woot!!


It does have a MP3 and MPEG 4 with a SD slot. Hmmmmmm . . . .