Prime shipping help


Hi. I’m logged in with my prime account but still getting charged 6 bucks at checkout. On the checkout page in the boxes for shopping address and payment it say my session has expired, click the Amazon pay button to log in. I’ve logged in and out several times with no change. out. Thanks for any help


This is on iOS Safari, right? There’s an issue with a new iOS “feature” called ITP 2.0 where it treats amazon like a third party tracker. I got this bug before, and it is SUPER obnoxious.

Sometimes just refreshing the page a bunch of times makes it go away, but the only way I have been able to fix it when I hit up against it was to blow away my cookies on Woot and Amazon. If you’re not sure how to do that, let me know what browser and device you’re using and I can give you some instructions.


I had the same problem like 10minutes ago on 11/22/2018. Somehow it got solved. I tried few tricks like logging off and loggin on again in both woot and amazon. Please wait for 5 minutes before you try again. But keep your cart with items on woot open in a separate (chrome) window. The carts are associated with your ID and you should be able to place the order smoothly.


If you don’t get it to work, contact woot customer service and they can refund the shipping.

Amazon engineers are digging in trying to find what’s causing this. Blargh.

Also, moving this to info desk


The prime issue is still ongoing? today i tried to purchase 3 of the fatwoods… i had to battle the sign in with amazon 3 times… when it was finally all set, the item was sold out. stinks missing out on a great deal over broken sign in process… In any case, hope everyones holiday over there was great!


We not experiencing any issues currently. You do have to allow cookies for Amazon and Woot to check out.

What is it doing?

You might try clearing Woot & Amazon cookies. Log out of woot.
Then log in using the Login with Amazon button.