Prime Solum Cabernet Sauvignon (2)

Prime Solum Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2 Pack
$99.99 $175.00 43% off List Price
2009 Prime Solum, Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, Brokenrock Vineyard
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Producer’s website, Tetra, has this for $65/bottle. Not sure how WW got this priced at $175 for 2. Of course, $99 is still a savings over $130 (+shipping).

Maybe they used the $80/bottle price for the 2010 vintage by mistake. That would allow $15 for shipping, sounds about right for two bottles. If that’s the case then this offer is discounted by 31% rather than 43%. Or maybe the 2009 was also originally $80 (although average CT value is only $54.25).

A further cost reduction would get me to push the button.

Before buying Napa Cab(Especially at this price point) I need to hear from RPM.

What say you Sir?

I’ve never heard of a website/person called “Bear On Wine” but the site has some tech info on this wine:

PRIME SOLUM Cabernet Sauvignon, Brokenrock Vineyard – Napa Valley, 2009 ($59.99)
A 14.5% alcohol blend of 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Merlot, and 9% Petite Verdot grown on a southwest facing hillside in the southern part of Napa Valley (just south of Stags Leap District) planted at 2,312 vines/acre with a yield of 3.0 lbs per vine. Whole berry sorted and gravity-fed into small (1-3 ton) closed-top fermenters for a 5 day cold-soak followed by a hot fermentation with a combination of punch-downs and gentle pump-overs. Malo-lactic fermentation and aging 20 months in French oak barrels (40% new).


I’m sure you meant to say flying monkeys. :tongue:

I would also be interested in this offer if the price was adjusted to reflect the 2009 price versus the 2010 price. I’m thinking $74.99 would be about right.

I enjoyed the 2006 and 2007 Tetra offering from Woot a long time ago; if I’m not mistaken, that was from the same winemaker. I may be wrong about that. But the Tetra was good juice, in my opinion.

So, I’ll be waiting to see if there’s a price adjustment before hitting the button.

Flying monkeys are associated with the wicked witch. This is not Oz this is Woot. Silly TT.

Although sometimes I think the terms can indeed be interchangeable. Woot and Oz that is.

Hi fellow wooters–

It is I, XP pInot Guy…also GM of Tetra and Prime Solum. This Cab is 100% Brokenrock Cab from the foot of Atlas Peak in Napa. This vineyard has been the backbone of many top Napa Cabs for many years.

Live Long and Prosper!


The wine should be the same price ($80) on the website…someone made a mistake…we are a bit of a small winery and somewhat technically challenged…better at making wine than using social media…for example.

So, thank you for supporting TETRA. here are the main differences: TETRA is always a blend of four: CS,MR, PV and CF. Also, TETRA is from other ranches in Southeastern Napa, including Coombsville, Circle S (on top of Atlas Peak) and Brokenrock Ranch. Prime Solum is 100% Brokenrock and NOT a blend, it is a Cabernet Sauvignon. We wanted a pure single vineyard wine from the Ranch because essentially, we make wines of place, ad single vineyard wines are the ultimate expression of that.

So 100% cab? No merlot or petit verdot as in the description I referenced earlier?

You’re back!
Which of the Star Trek casts would you compare this cab to?

Thanks for stopping by. How old are the vines?

No…no…what I meant to say is…Tetra is officially a cab blend, so under 75% Cabernet Sauvignon. Prime Solum is Cabernet Sauvignon, so over 75%. Exact % is close to 90% Cab. There is a bit of Merlot, PV and a smidgeeon of Franc in there. I do not want to get you off into an alternate universe!