Primitive Man



He appears to be guarding his last Fruity Pebble.


GAH!!! Time for some electrolysis! You know, it’s so easy, a caveman can do it!



Everybody join in the song!



Wait, if he likes Fruity Pebbles, why is Fred guarding what looks like a giant Cocoa Puff?


Wilma shirt be arriving in less than 5 days?


Human evolution starts w/ the bowling league + the blue tie


Is this the gritty, realistic origin story reboot needed to get the series back on its feet?


Why did Fred Flintstone never sell car insurance? Get on it, Hanna Barbera and Geico!


I love that the style on this one represents perfectly the illustration from a textbook. It’s a funny premise by itself, but the execution was right on too.


Failed Geico commercial?


Can’t say that I don’t love it, although I did use a double negative. Brilliant concept. Argh, if only need a cream colored shirt with a fo real fred flintstone on the front! Awesome!


This could change my mind about evolution. UGH.




Wear this while watching Planet of the Apes from Deals.Woot.


I’m strongly considering this as a purchase, but I’m having trouble unseeing genitalia once my brain processed what I was seeing as such. It probably would have helped if the description hadn’t brought the attention to it. It’s similar phenomena to when I was told about the arrow in the FedEx logo.


What’s with Robin Williams in the strange get-up?


‘Only the primitive man will pass’ - Indiana Jones


I was considering buying this shirt.



As someone who has studied paleontology and anthropology at the University of Iowa within the last year, I feel safe in saying that Lisa Garza does not teach or research here. You sure you don’t mean Ohio or Idaho? I can’t believe Woot would botch up intriguing scientific reportage with such a blatant citation error.