Primos Fightin' Horns



What am I looking at?

After reading the description I still don’t know.


I’ve always wondered, are the deer not able to discern between antlers striking and pieces of plastic shaped like antlers striking? Aren’t deer a little smarter than that? To the hunters out there: have these things EVER worked for you?


Hunters use them to simulate the sound of male deer fighting over a female. If there’s a real deer nearby he’ll come running to defend his territory.


My brother used to be an avid hunter. He used real antlers though. No idea about the plastic ones.


I think everyone should have at least three of these things that do that thing these do.


Plastic ones HAVE worked once for my sister. At least, you can only judge “working” based on the fact that a buck passed through her sight range within 10 minutes of using them…it’s still not a perfect way to judge whether it was the rattling or if it was just passing through.

I’ve never used these…just the “rattle bag” (which I believe is plastic as well), and actualy antlers from previous bucks (I always feel like the real thing is the best ;)). What works better than this, in my opinion, is just spraying some doe in heat, urine scent into the air, every half hour or so. Gets 'em every time!


I’d be in if these were LONGHORNS! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My first reaction was that you were banging these things in the house and your sister came down the stairs, screaming, “WOULD YOU CUT THAT OUT!!!”


Know what else sounds like real antlers?