Primos Sit 'N Spin Crazy Critter Decoy

cat toy?

ummmm…this thing scares me…what is it?

What is this for, other than annoying my dog?

I thought this was a cat toy and I was very confused…


Properly deployed, this could drive my cat crazy… Hmmmm.

Perhaps it will attract crazy neighbors.

Is this for like coyote hunting or some such?

Small game hunting mabye?

I was like what the heck. Then Youtube told me it is for hunting youtube

For calling in predatory animals to hunt. (coyotes)


Must be for hunting predators

Really like foxes or something. I thought cat toy.

dangerhaus bought two of them, he should tell us what they are used for

It’s for hunting predators like coyotes or bobcat. Like a decoy. Often one would have something that makes wounded prey sorts of noises and then a moving decoy like this to get the Wily E. Coyote to come in closer and into range.


Of course you could also use it to terrorize your cats…

I may get a couple for Halloween… probably scare the snot outta some kids hehehe

shoot em in the head
kill em dead…

i’m in for 2

what animal in the wild sits in one spot and spins???