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Primula 40oz Glass Teapot with 39 Flowering Teas [New] - $14.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Primula 40oz Glass Flowering Teapot with 3 Flowering Teas, 36 * Variety Pack Flowering Teas - Green, White and Black

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I Love Tea, In For 1

first sucker :stuck_out_tongue:

Where can you buy more flowers if you run out?

$19 on Amazon with only 3 teas.

Can this be used as a fish tank?

For some reason, I thought this was a habitat for Sea Monkeys.

AA grade tea? I wasn’t aware that tea was ever graded “AA”. I understand SFTGFOP (Special Finest Tippy Golden Flower Orange Pekoe) but what the heck does “AA” mean in a tea context?

I actually own this but in a different brand says “norpro”, bought it at Ross for like 5 bucks…its pretty good for loose leaf even the smallest leaves wont go through, and I’ve tried everything in this. I primarily use it as a second container for when I brew gonfu style teas. Dishwasher safe if you unscrew the plastic part.

It certainly looks like one!

Can someone explain the difference between flowering tea and the regular ole tea bags? Not a tea aficionado.

I see great mother’s day gift potential…in for 3

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Remember that none of these “health benefits” have been tested, let alone verified, and they’re completely unregulated by any authority!

pardon my ignorance, but what is a flowering tea and how is it different than normal tea? I don’t know how comfortable I am allowing a shrubbery to grow in the bottom of my tea pot from the appearance of things.

I dont want any flowers in my tea tyvm, I prefer leaves…Nice Teapot but I’ll stick with my PGTips Tbags.

Flowering teas is a blossom and it opens as it steeps.

This should explain things… the excitement starts around the 50 second mark.

That’s a different item altogether. It’s actually $19.07 and 3 stars.

Amazon Link

Not even close…