Primula His & Hers Cafe 6-Cup Coffee Press

Way to be 3 days late with the french press, Woot. :frowning:

Great deal

wait, which one is for me?

Would love to know if each press comes in a separate box, for two gifts :slight_smile:

$19.99 at AmaWho:

no reviews there.

Edit: see goldenhawk below for reviews on black pot alone.

Is this still a good deal even if I am single?

never mind

$16.99 at Kitchen by Karen, again no reviews:,-Black-and-Pink-%2d%2d-0O004ZJWJWJ99 .html

although I can’t find the buy button to figure out shipping.

Get this. If not for my French press I never would have survived the 6 day power outage after the recent new England hurricane. …but remember to grind your beans before the power goes out. Running out to the car, in the storm, to use an inverter with the grinder is scary.

If you like coffee and pink and black kitchen stuff…

I’m sure this could easily double as a teapot with the use of a (very) little imagination.

I’m pinging someone to fix the additional photos but I believe they come in one box.

For those who have never used a coffee press (aka French press), you’re in for a surprise, mainly in how much more flavorful the resulting cup is versus your drip maker. The difference is especially HUGE when you’re using freshly roasted and ground beans.

It’s not for everyone, though. It definitely involves more steps on your own behalf, and you will have more things to clean afterwards. If you have the time, however, it’s worth it.

There are 35 reviews for the black pot here:

It averages 3.5 stars. Some thought it was great (and sturdy) others thought it worked but didn’t hold up.

It is important to note that the 6 cups are six 4-oz cups or 24 oz, depending on your mug size it is probably produces just 2-3 mugs.

I believe this is the brand I have currently. Works great for coffee and tea. And I knocked it off the counter into the sink the other day and it didn’t break (like my last one…) So bonus points for durability as well.

The additional photo links are working now!

For a moment I was confused by Woot! selling a black or pink Tardis… obviously too much Doctor Who on the mind!

And the his-and-her products come in the same box. So, not can’t easily split them up to make two gifts unless you repackage them attractively.

I’ll be honest: my wife and I are a little bit of coffee snobs. We like coffee from a French Press, but we prefer to make it in an Aeropress. Not only can you make your coffee as strong or weak as you like it, it’s also highly portable! It’s great when I have to deploy…