Primula Iced Tea Pitcher

Though the pitcher combo itself has no reviews on Amazon:

the tea buddy has 4.5 stars:

Who invented tea anyway? How do you come to the conclusion that you should soak dead leaves in hot water and drink the result? Yuck.

I have a Primula Tea cup with the silicone Tea Bag Buddy, and it’s surprisingly sturdy, nice, and keeps my tea warmer than I would’ve ever expected. Although I think they make a quality product, I have no use for an Ice Tea Pitcher.

Thank you, Woot, for my morning laugh! That description is hilarious!

So the south has very few buys on the heat map. I can think of 2 possible reasons for this:

  1. Everyone in the south already has one
  2. We dont need some trendy tea pitcher, we just add a little flavored water to our sugar and call it good… or if you happen to live in savannah, substitute butter for sugar.

I can tell you why the South does not have many takers…a 1 liter pitcher is only 1 cool, refreshing glass of ice tea (and yes, it is ICE tea, NOT iced tea).

This tiny thing would not justify its existence in any respectable southern household. The minimum volume of tea brewed is 1 gallon, with greater amounts being optimal (5 gallons is just about right).

Griffin2020 is right. I took one look at this and asked myself “Is this the travel size or something?”

Purplefeather and Griffin, I totally agree. I have Mason jars bigger than this pitcher. Maybe this is for the unsweetened tea. This size would be about right.

Wikipedia would beg to differ:

Notice the sometimes referred to as ice tea. Must be a regional thing, but even Liptons packaging calls it iced tea.

yep. I thought it was travel mug or something as well. The size for a true ICE tea drinker is eye rolling.

I’ve been making my own ice tea for over 20 years. I just throw the bags, string, tags in there and leave them. No reason to fish them out. If you think it’s too strong, you’re using too many tea bags.

Well I for one would take the word of Food Network over Wikipedia any day and they have recipes for ICE tea. LOL

Maybe this would be good for the 6 canisters of Premula “flower tea” I got in my BOC from the last Wootoff. We’ve been brewing in a coffee pot just to see the flower “bloom” when the tea is made.

Not bad stuff, but wouldn’t have paid anywhere near the $15 asking price for a single canister on Amazon. Okay… that last part was unrelated. My apologies.

“Tea Bag Buddy”? That sounds like one of the insults my kid delivers while playing Halo.

really, i don’t even know why you guys are arguing about ice vs iced tea. the proper term is sweet tea.

Only if you add sugar and create that sort of abomination.

All lies, it’s called awesome tea.

1 liter for tea is really too small. the right size is a gallon, but i could live with a half gallon. but i’m really, really tempted because it is glass.

Looks like they have lots of iced tea recipes too.