Primula Iced Tea Pitcher

I hope you don’t eat honey or drink milk. 'Cause if you knew where THOSE came from…

And don’t even get me started on byproduct foods like creamed corn. :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, though, this isn’t a bad price for these borosilicate (AKA generic Pyrex) pitchers. And the small size is why you get three, of course! Silly people.

15 bucks for a tea pitcher? nah…

Or possibly a good size for making spiced wine…

I just use the coffee maker. Five regular size bags or 2-3 family size. I put the bags in the carafe - leave the strings hanging over the edge. Pour it over a tall glass of ice.

The same person who invented igniting dead leaves rolled in paper or in a pipe.

Perfect size for using at work. Great for making your own tea at work and avoiding the community tea brewer.

I didn’t know I needed one until I saw it. No more brewing in a pot and transferring to something else! Whoo-hoo!

That’s why I got it. My stepdaughter has been setting up a virtual laboratory (minus the thunderstorm and crazy hair) to get tea from the pot to the gallon jug. I’m hoping this will make the process a bit more streamlined.

Just got in the mail today, which I must admit is the fastest post Wootoff shipping I’ve ever had. Glass pitcher is very nice and will make a great ice tea pitcher for work.

This thing is great! Add water, 3 minutes in the microwave, and throw in a tea bag. It is the perfect size to use as mug, or pour it into something else. I like to add different honey’s to mine and see what taste the best. Yummy!

has this shipped?

oh, as to the great controversy.
just call the beverage I.T.
now, go bicker amongst yourselves…

Used mine every other day or so after I got it. Then the bottom broke out & spilled hot tea every where. I did not hit it or any such thing.

There is a quarter size hole in the bottom of the pitcher. The bottom of the pitcher is paper thin & I am surprised it lasted this long. Hope they all are not like this.

This thing is wonderful. 3 minutes and a tea bag. I don’t even use a cup, just drink from this pitcher. My tea is always fresh, and I don’t waste anything. I need one for the office now.