Primula Perfect Blend 32oz Teapot w/ Filtering Spout and Flowering Tea Variety Pack

Not very popular at Amazon, only 2 reviews, one 5 star, one 1 star.
Too new of an item for more reviews?

Dunno if this is the place for it, but there seems to be a small typo in the description under “Additional Photos” (“Earl Grey Packaing”).

I’m a tea junkie. We tried (possibly) this pot at a tea house in Portland (it looked the same with the filter and all). Be very careful not to touch your hand to the hot glass or you’ll burn yourself when pouring. And that’s really hard to do when it’s full. It also cooled off very fast without a tea cover on the pot.

Nice looking gift though especially when the pot alone on their site is $24.99

What no white tea? Damn. Over all good price. I have seen blooming teas at my local meijer for $12.99 for 12. I can get them for $1 a piece at my local farmers market. So just to get 36 teas for $28 is pretty good price. The pot is bascially free. Think I’ll pass because of it not having any white tea.

Heh. I’ll let 'em know but it’ll probably be tomorrow before they fix it.

EDIT: Then again…

Flowering teas - I’ve never heard of such a thing! Had to look it up.

Here’s the Wikipedia article which states the “flower” can be reused 2 - 3 times:

Flowering Teas

And here’s a really cool video on YouTube of it in action (action starts around 0:25):

YouTube Video of Flowering Tea Blooming

I don’t drink tea very often, but I may have to get this for the cool factor!

I suppose as its tea,its one of the times “Made in China” is ok… I think I’ll stick to my PG Tips though all the same :o).

Can I put my Loose Leaf tea in this pot, say Yerba Mate?

It’s like a fish tank - THAT YOU CAN DRINK FROM! (fish not included)

I bought this product in Century21. It was on clearance for $11.99. It has 6 different tea packs inside (rose buds, black tea, white tea, green tea, chamomile and mint). The size of each tea pack is intro size .88oz(25grams).

Anyone know if the tea that comes with this actually “blooms” into a nice display or if it’s just kind of a jumbled mess of stuff? If it actually blooms, this thing would be a great piece with my gourmet meals. If not… then I shall randomly throw things in the pot and invent tea flavors. Mmm… random: the best flavor of all.

Me either, before a trip a few years ago to China and Japan. I wish I had bought some there to bring home. Personally, I can’t stand coffee or tea, but I will drink the flowering tea if it’s offered. There’s just such a difference in the taste. I found it to be more sweet as well as less strong - one of the reasons I think I don’t like teas and coffee is because of how strong they taste. I really came to enjoy green tea with jasmine and can only find a comparible version in a little oriental mini mart near my house. Someone told me it’s because the flowering tea requires a fresher leaf and whatnot, similar but superior to loose leaf tea vs those little baggie teas.

If you like teas, I recommend you at least try some of the flowering teas; you’ll very likely swear off those little packets forever.

nope, they don’t. The blooming once you will have to buy separately.

Assuming it is a quality blooming tea pod, it actually looks quite nice in the pot (but of course only while the water is in it). I love the idea of a glass teapot for it. Still debating if I can convince the wife to let me buy this. It would go great with the teacups I brought home from Japan!

Damn! When did woot start charging NY sales tax? Oh well, still bought one for $30-something…

They wouldn’t be called “flowering” teas if they didn’t, you know, flower.

Also, if you check out the image of the Earl Grey Packaging, it says on it “Blooms in Hot Water.” Definitely would be quite the showpiece with a gourmet meal and a dinner party.

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My mom made me order her one when she saw this.

The description says that the spout will filter out the leaves, so you should be able to, but you won’t have any way to remove the leaves if you want to stop them from steeping without drinking all the tea immediately. This may not matter with some teas, but you might find that if you steep the leaves too much certain teas (like black tea) will taste tannic or bitter.

Then again, I like my mate steeped for a ridiculously long time.