Primula Perfect Blend 32oz Teapot w/ Filtering Spout and Flowering Tea Variety Pack

tea is better when it has pretty flowers

I’m a teapot. Paint me yellow!

in for 1.

Gonna make my wife really happy :slight_smile:

My daughter loves these teas.

I bought one from Woot! in February for 19.99.


Couldn’t get the vacuum in time, and now I have to look at THAT? Tip me over and pour me out, that looks disgusting first thing in the morning!

32oz? 32oz’s is one glass of ice tea… i would need several of these things for my daily summer tea intake… Woot is grieving me!

Well, at least it’s not labeled with that giant douchebag’s charity like the Livestrong stuff.

Although on the other hand, when a person thinks of tea, clearly the first thing that comes to mind is nut cancer…

Minimal sleep last night. Got up every few minutes to check for the BOC. Big meeting in an hour, no sleep, no BOC and no need for a teapot. Argh!

Woot-off is just like a night at the bar with your buddies. Someones going home with a grenade or everyones missing out.

Great gift for those weddings that will be coming up.

Too bad there is not an infuser for making other loose teas.

Got this for my girlfriend on woot before. The teapot’s a little smaller than I was expecting, but the flowering tea worked better than I thought it would! It looks really cool! The flavors decent, but not very robust. Id probably try two flowers in one pot next time. Definitely a neat buy if you have kids or a girlfriend/wife to buy it for. Kind of weird to buy for yourself if you live alone :slight_smile:

Does this cure cancer?

Ahhhh strange new life forms growing in my tea pot! That usually happens when you haven’t washed it out for a month or two.

And now I would have happily bought a refurb…


Bought this a couple of months ago, it arrived in the midst of my trying to find out if I was going to die of heart failure – after week in hospital, they still don’t know if I had a heart attack, but they discovered a tumor on my adrenal that “might not” be cancer, and “might” explain my heart problems. Still waiting for test results.

Anyway, it was a while before she got to open the box, and when she did, she found that the Earl Grey teas were missing. Woot said they would issue a partial refund, since they had no replacement teas available.

Looks like there is a filter on the spout so you can use loose tea also.

That’s easy - use the flowers but don’t use the teapot - use the flower in a big pot o’ water that has just been boiled on your stove. Since you can steep these things 2 or 3 times, it would probably make almost a gallon of iced tea for ya.


Excellent point!