Primula Tea Time!



What’s your blend, tea lovers?


Have had the teaposy flowering teas before and they really are quite beautiful. Almost like art in a glass.


Anyone know what they mean by being able to re-steep the tea 3 times? Is it still good the 2nd time you steep? Are you supposed to just add water to the same batch, not try to re-steep at a later time/day?

I’ve never done the flowering tea before, & am wondering how viable it is for individual servings, or if it’s ideal use is for larger batches.


Although I have never had this tea before, my experience with teas that can be steeped several times is that the subsequent batches are never as good as the first. You will have to steep longer because they are weaker. I tend to steep longer in a larger volume the first time.

With flowering teas, to see them, you’ll be limited to the size of your glass pot. Plus half the fun is watching the buds unfurl anyway.


Is there an expiration on these teas?


i agree with you: second steep is never as good : ( when i used to buy at Teavana regularly, they would tell me how i wasted it by not resteeping. well, you know what? it’s my tea and if i want to pay an arm and a leg then i can be as wasteful as i want. the most important part is that i enjoy the tea, right?

that being said, if i do resteep, i use about half as much water, and do it immediately following my first steep. well, maybe a couple hours later and put it in the fridge, but i try for the same day.


Oh, argh! I wish I’d seen this earlier before the flowering jasmine was sold out! Any chance we’ll see these again?


i used to work at a tea shoppe. imma be honest: i don’t think the outcome of a 2nd/3rd batch is as flavorful as the 1st. not terrible (usually). just not quite as much of a punch.
i don’t use green or white teas for multiple infusions. i tend to detect a cloying bitterness after the first steep. sometimes i vomit! to me, the best results of multiple infusions come from herbal teas. totally subjective, tho.

it does help if you use a leetle more than the recommended amount. sometimes i sweeten 2nd/3rd infusions with some honey, too.

plz note: i haven’t had the opportunity to try primula yet!

it is ideal for sharing (as you can see, it’s a pretty substantial wad of tea - 15 cups’ worth!), but as mom2hapakids said, it depends on the pot. as she also rightly pointed out, most of the novelty is watching it “bloom.”
ultimately, probably not something you’d want to plop in an 8 oz ceramic mug, although i bet that apple cinnamon would smell fantastic…

anything is possible on home.woot! even levitation or a robot uprising.


Probably. I bought the set here with the pot and 16 tea batches, I think. About a year ago, maybe longer. It’s been on Woot since, too, I believe. Beautiful, tasty.


Man. This entire thing was sold out before I even saw it. I too got the set with the clear glass pot and all the teas. Yummy stuff.

Also, I would usually get three batches out of one flower. Even a weaker steep of really good tea is pretty good.