Prince & HEAD Tennis Racquets: $29.99

Please sell more racquets that tennis. Racquetball, squash, etc.

I thought Prince only played B-Ball.

I was hoping to be able to buy that comically large novelty tennis ball.

I thought it was just a comically small racquet!

It’s obviously a doubles match and the off-camera partner hit the ball over the net while the racquet in the picture is of the other guy tripping over his shoelace in the background. The ball and net appear larger than life because they’re closer to the camera. The classic fisherman trick to make your catch look bigger.

man… i had 2 in my cart and was doing the amazon log in thing and they sold out as i was trying to check out. i really liked this o3 and wanted to get 2 more. really bummed. for those that did buy them the specs given are wrong. i got the first one i ordered from woot yesterday from the last time these were on woot and these are not 110sq in as well as the rest of the specs are wrong for the o3 hybrid model. the specs listed are for the 110 sq model but the one i got in the 100sq in one (which i much prefer)

If you got the o3 model hold on to that little gray shock absorber like its made of gold! if you arn’t paying attention they can fly out and be gone forever, and you can’t buy replacements anywhere.

I purchased the Prince 03 Hybrid Spectrum Tennis Racquet with Cover along with another item. The other item was delivered and tracking says the order has been fulfilled but I still do not have my tennis racquet.

It’s possible that different portions of your purchase were shipped separately.

If you still haven’t received the 2nd half of your order please email into [email][/email and let them know. They should be able to explain the situation.

OK thanks

Has anyone received any information about the shipping on the racquets? I ordered mine two weeks ago and still nothing.

I was told to wait via customer support a week ago. I had hoped to have it by the holiday weekend.

I’m sorry about the delay, you might want to email back in and ask them what’s up- I’m not seeing any other tracking (or via reference), so there may be an issue with your order.

I also have not received my order and am very upset. I was told by customer service that the order was sent with no tracking and to expect it by this past weekend. Well the weekend has come and gone and still no racquet although it has been three weeks since I placed the order. I am asking that Woot check with the seller and confirm that my racquet has in fact been sent.