Prince Ozone Seven MP+ Tennis Racquet

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Prince Ozone Seven MP+ Tennis Racquet
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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What is this I don’t even…

Okay, this need to come up NOW. I have literally been waiting all woot-off for this to come up. Bought one on sellout.woot last month and absolutely LOVE this racquet!

ohh hell no, what the heck is that thing?

big fly swatter ???

I actually need two tennis rackets, but this is not two, and this is the spendy.


This is the sellout.woot link–same price:

with my link then to reviews of the racket:

Will the NXG Silencer from last month’s BOC fit this?

Too bad I don’t play tennis

Cmon people you could be the next Djoker or Rafa! You NEED THIS RACKET!

Cheese grater.

Oakley should sue.

Novak plays head, Rafa Babolat. :slight_smile:

i hear proceeds are going to starving kids. buy three now! feed the kids! they hungry

Yay!! Someone finally bought one!!

Spaghetti strainer

do people even still play tennis?

Why is Woot trying to sell equipment for a social outdoors activity to wooters? They know we don’t have friends or leave the house.

Prince, really?

should just say G A Y !