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Prince Tennis Racquets - Your Choice
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Reviews/Video for the O3 Spectrum

I got a Prince Scream back in 2002 or 2003 when I was playing tennis in high school. It is an excellent racquet for beginners-intermediates, for both singles and doubles. It has a large surface area and large sweet spot. I don’t remember exactly how much I paid for mine, but I think it was probably $100-$120. I’m actually tempted to buy a couple more at this price, just to have extras in case my friends start playing tennis.

I originally bought the racquet just because it looks cool… And it still does! Buy it!

I’ve been playing w/ O3 Hybrid Spectrum racquets for years as a bit higher-level player (between 3.5 & 4.0 at my peak) than normally suggested for the racquet, and I’ve loved them.

I agree w/ the write-up that the racquet’s over-sized frame and sweet spot composition make it a good choice for beginner to lower-intermediate players.

I never bought one of my racquets at a price nearly this low; though those were bought a few years ago and I haven’t done any recent pricing, this seems like a solid deal, fwiw. (Might even pick up one or two though I don’t need to, given the price.)

MSRP on the tirple scream is $120 and on the O3 hybrid is $170. They can be had from other online retailers for $60 or $70.

Good deal here.

From Tennis Warehouse on the O3 Hybrid

“Both improving beginners as well as established intermediates will appreciate the response and feel of this racquet. We found plenty of comfort from all areas of the court. Players who like to push forward will enjoy some added zip on their put away shots at net as we found some nice pop on volleys and overheads. From the baseline we found a moderate paced swing to offer good control, spin productione, pace and depth. The feel from the stringbed is lively and the racquet offers a powerful response on fast, flat swings. The all around playability of this racquet makes it a solid choice for the 3.0+ level player looking to develop an all court game.”

and the Triple Threat Scream (also from Tennis Warehouse)

“The winner of Tennis Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award, the Prince Triple Threat Scream is a 'tweener racquet best suited for intermediate to lower advanced players seeking a quality blend of control and power.”

“The Scream Oversize is half an inch longer than standard and features an open, spin friendly string pattern. Great for players who like 'tweener characteristics but seek a little more power in an oversized, comfortable feeling racquet. This racquet offers a high level of performance at a great price.”

From personal experience I’d recommend the O3 Hybrid over the Scream. It’s very well balanced to achieve some great control as well as generate a lot of head speed. All of the O3 series racquets are very versatile and can easily be tweaked to your playing style by switching up the strings. I used one of these for a few months and it was nice. I eventually moved back to my Liquid Metal but my Wife still plays with an O3 Red.

Got anything for racquetball players? Preferably an E-Force Lethal NXT Gen 170g racket? They’re old, I bet you have a few laying around, cheap. :slight_smile:

The color is fine. Just make the sweet spot larger.

It needs to be about 54% larger.

Anybody know what grip sizes are available? I did not see an option to choose one.

Sorry found it. Had to break a code!

Look at the drop down menu where you select the racquet you want. Theres another one below that for grip size.

I’m not sure if tennis racquets are typically gender specific…would either of these be a good women’s racquet? I would be buying this as a gift for my wife and I know her preferred grip size.

In for two. Tennis is a great way to stay in shape while still being able to have fun… It pretty easy to may your way to the court in my opinion. These rackets are pretty sweet for the price… Not bad at 60 bucks, but at 30 they are a steal.

They’re not usually gender specific. My wife plays with an O3 red.

What does grip size 2 or 3 relate to?
When added to the cart- no other grip choice is available…

They’re European sizes. Just think of it this way:

“4 []/8”. So if the number is 3, then it’d be “4 3/8.”

A 3 or 4 is fairly common for a man.