Princesses Can Pew! Pew! Too

Pee pee?

You had me at pew pew.

She looks as if she is saying “Tee hee!”

Her hair style always makes me hungry.

This would look great on a onesie. I kinda wish it was so I could get it for my 7month old, she’d look great in it.

She can keep her eyes closed because she’ll still have 99% of a chance of killing a Stormtrooper.

Yay! So glad this was one of the three to get printed. Had to buy two thirds of this weekend’s derby winners. May the Fourth be with you. :wink:

Too bad they don’t sell silencers for Glock 9’s on Woot. “Pew Pew” (shhhhhhh…)

Sigh. One of my besties and I always argue PEW PEW in space… looks like I’m in for 2.

Wences, have mercy on my pocketbook? OK?!

Please, Woot. For the love of all that is awesome: bring the old female style tshirts back. I haven’t purchased one since you got rid of them. This style of women’s tshirt is a BOX. We’re not all short and fat. :frowning: I want to be able to buy Woot tshirts again…please.

I was thinking the same exact thing for my 5 month old! Woot, we need some cute onesies! Please! :slight_smile:

I’ve never bought a kids size shirt. Is K4 the same as like 4T or is bigger? Thanks

I had a bad feeling about this derby but three great artists came out on top. FTW.

GO 2 sizes LARGER!!!

I just bought my son a K4. He normally wears 2T’s. It looks a bit larger, however I’m expecting it to shrink some. So, yeah, the 4 was a good choice for my 2T’r. I also bought a 9 for the one that wears a 7. ( Plus kids grow fast)

I agree…I need something form fitting! I’m tall with a long waist… These shirts all make me look chubby

And- the daughter needs this- Grats Wences. Super rad design.

I second that. I would buy this on AA, but not on the horrid anvil shirts.

Big congrats Wences!!!