Princesses Can Pew! Pew! Too

I have one of these with a blue princess Leia. The design wasn’t opaque enough to keep the blue shirt from showing through in the version of this that I ordered via the all designs catalog. If I order this one, will the white actually be white?

We’ve improved our digital printing quality since we started doing it, but this will likely be screen-printed due to high volume. Either way it should be better this time.

How recently did you improve it? My last order was on July 13, 2015.

We actually got some braaaand new machines just a couple months ago. (after July of this year)

Thank you! Hate to buy a shirt twice, but I’ll give it a go. Unfortunately, it won’t arrive in time to wear to the new movie like I planned.

Yeaahhhh. Sorry bout that. But if The Force is Awakening, seems like something you could wear basically every day without any repercussions. :tongue: