Printing position

Hi Guys,
Could someone please look into the printing location of this design that has just gone to print in the exercise side sale? It needs to be printed as close to the abs as possible. When doing the print file I tried to place it low. Could the shirt mockup in the sale please reflect this? And can someone please also check that when it is printed it is printed low down near the abs (or as low as it can go) ???

That would be this design… (Hope this Derby reference illustration gets the ball rolling, Trans Egg) :))

I just sent an email to the art team.

UPDATE: Caught our artist just as he was setting up the file. None have been printed. He will make the appropriate adjustments. :happy:

So I added some canvas at the top of the file so these will automatically print lower on the shirt. They should print proportionally on women’s and kid’s sizes too.

Great! Thanks Flipit!