Privacy Guard 12 Page Strip Cut Shredder

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Privacy Guard 12 Page Strip Cut Shredder
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Privacy Guard 12 Page Strip Cut Shredder

I had one and its pretty generic. It wasn’t this exact one, it was a different colour, but I imagine the same rot. It tends to jam and has a real bad burning smell when you use 8 pages. Make sure all the staples are out and everything, or you’ll have a lot of fun unjamming this. Also, mine never really shut off when I turned it off.

It be better, in my opinion, to spend the few extra dollars and get a better one that cris-cross cuts and can handle 10 pages nicely. I got one at Target for $29.99 and it is by Fellows…although this when tends to “burn” after 5 or so minutes of continual use.

for all my super-secret document needs

kinda weak…everyone has cross cut for not much more than this

Strip cut?? Shouldn’t they be paying US to take these? No thanks. Night all… these can easily be found FAR

Strip Cut?

shredder? i prefer splinter

i need a shredder nope can still tear paper in half of a couple of times if needed.

If it’s not a cross-cut shredder, I’m not interested. A strip cut just doesn’t shred things enough to suit me.

Good night.

Got one already. Makes good garden compost.

I have one of these already. I have gone through 2 of them. They get jammed up very easy and they start to not cut things. You can send a paper through and it will only cut it into like 4 peices.

old trash can + a match … 1.50 + free = 's not a decent woot for me

A Strip Cutter, today technology calls for chiping, All but impossible to reassemble.

Not for me, Nite Nite Woot

must have confetti to Woot to

This really isnt a bad price if you’re looking for a basic shredder.

But you can get better ones with cross cut for not much more.

nice WOOT, but I’d prefer a cross-cut shredder for added security

This WOOT is just a cut above the rest…
It will mangle what you dangle…
If you can find one that’s better
A WOOT WOOT of a Shredder
Than get it or an Irish Setter

can it shread credit cards?