Private Poker room server HELP!!!


I was wondering if any one knew if any where online where there is like a blank poker room program that just needs to be hosted on a server, sort of like a website template but a poker room template w/ all the programing already done?



Apparently not.


I wish I knew where one was… I would put it one one of my servers.


If i find one ill let you know…






Try searching on in the games section. There are poker game servers there. Also try on I just checked sourceforge and found openpoker, jsholdem, tkpoker, poker-web, pokerapp, and pokersource.


Thanks so much man, finally after 2 months of searching!


Only two hours after you asked the same question at, someone gave you the exact same answer. In June.


Hey, gwp, we haven’t seen any garden pictures lately.


hmmm… that’s right.
Perhaps we should ask him on the Garden thread?


You’ll have to hunt for it. It was way down the last time I posted on it.


It’s on P 2.


thats what the website was called damn it!!! A few days after i posted up there my computer crashed and i lost all my files including my bookmarks, i knew i had asked the question somewhere else but i could never remember where!