Private Preserve Wine Preserver (4)

Private Preserve Wine Preserver 4-Pack
Sold by: Wine Country Accessories
$27.99 $45.99 39% off List Price
(4) Private Preserve Wine Preserver, Net content: 0.29 oz.


I use this product regularly with good results. A bottle typically last me a couple months. This is a good price and worth the money, especially if you tend not to finish your bottles off. Even a half empty bottle should get 3 to 4 days after gassing. If you pour into a split and gas it’s more like a week.

What’s the gas used in the can? Nitrogen? Argon?

According to Amazon reviewer:
I’m a former chemist who used to work with inert atmospheres, so I’m familiar with the approach of blanketing something under an inert atmosphere. In this case, the atmosphere is nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and argon. This isn’t quite “inert” in every sense, since carbon dioxide can dissolve in water and react, but nevertheless this works. Wine tasting rooms have known about this stuff for years, and it’s great to have it for the home. The can always feels empty since it’s packed with gas, so you never will know when you’re about to run out. I also use this as a food preservative for anything that will turn brown when exposed to atmospheric oxygen. So far I’ve tried it with guacamole and pesto and it works great. Just give a 2 second burst of gas into the container and seal. Pesto stays bright green and fresh for days. I have a can on the kitchen counter at all times.

Good price with many uses like putting a layer of inert gas over tung oil varnishes for the wood workers out there. Am a winemaker and occasional wine drinker so this really comes in handy. Been using it for years.

Let’s see…spend big bucks on gas to spray into a big bottle or buy some mason jars at the dollar store and buy more wine with the money…decisions decisions

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Pretty sure that’s not the same thing… even with the mason jars being air tight, the wine has come into contact with oxygen and you are now trapping the oxygen in with the wine… if I understand how this product works correctly, this gas is heavier than oxygen so creates a blanket effect (as mentioned in the above comments)separating the wine from the contact with most of the oxygen.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I am confident in saying that this product is much better than (and definitely not the same) as using a mason jar.

With that said, I’m in for one and possibly another as a gift!

I sometimes don’t finish off my whole box of wine in one sitting. Will this work on that too?

Big bucks? This can pay for itself on one bottle of Black Tie wine, and you’ll have hundreds of uses left.

He’s putting wine in mason jars. Do you really think he’s getting Black-tie buys?

You wouldn’t need to. The boxed wine is usually in a bag in the inside of the box that is airtight.

Maybe it’s those fancy redneck ones with the handles. If that’s the case then anything above jug wine is a black tie wine.

I first encountered Private Preserve a few years ago while touring Napa. I was at the Nicholson Ranch tasting room just as a tour busload of people were leaving. The staff were gassing all the unfinished bottles in order to keep them for later use.

I’ve used it ever since, but it’s usually only found at better wine stores and specialty cooking places like Sur La Table.

I’m a wine salesman and I use this all the time for bottles that have screwcaps or artificial corks (I use a Coravin with standard corks) to preserve/stretch my sample bottles between customers. This stuff works really well and I would love a good deal… but it retails at wine shops locally for $7.99, some places at $8.99 tops. So once I pay shipping I’m not saving anything. Not sure where the suggested price is coming from, but it’s not reflective of either of the states where I work. It’s a shame, I’d love a good price break on it.

Beware of that Coravin, they were recalled last month for shattering bottles of wine in people’s faces.

Hmmm, maybe just walk out to my TIG and use the torch to drop pure argon in my bottles.

Nah, just buck up and finish the bottle. I didn’t want to walk out to the shop anyway!


Is this better than the Vacu-vin Wine Saver (

How about using it in conjunction with it? Spray the preserver in the bottle and then cork it with the Vacu-vin cork and evacuate it.

Kind of. And they sent out wet suits for your wine bottles to fix the issue.