Pro Audio: Praudio?



The DJX-07’s are hands down the best headphones for the price. The sound quality is great and they are comfy on the ears.


Perhaps this is the same one, but cheaper at Amazon?

$48.95 + Free Shipping


I can’t seem to find many reviews on the DJX-07’s. How do they compare (or are different) from the DJX-05’s?


do both recorders record without a microphone input? In other words, do they come with their own microphones built in and if so, are they mono/stereo or either/or? thankyou!


Ok, I’m definitely not an expert on these but I see the following info in the sale that I think answers your questions:

Features: Records from any MONO or STEREO line source – Sounds like it records from a line in, not mic

Specs: Channels: 2 (stereo)
Sounds like it records stereo but I assume it will record mono if that’s what is sourced.

Holler if that doesn’t answer your questions and we’ll try to get more info.



Good news! The price of the Ikey Audio G3 Portable USB Instrument Recorder has been lowered to $39.00.

As always, if you’ve already ordered, you’ll be refunded the difference automagically.

Now, go buy 3.


they are slightly more higher end then the DJX-05’s they are more comfortable and the sound quality is better. I own both set of headphones.


The M3+ is also cheaper on B&H. Well, same price, but free shipping so $5 cheaper.