Pro Edge Elite Electric Knife Sharpener

Here is the product page.

Only thing I could find review wise was that Gourmet Business liked it.

found review

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Previous woot June 5: $59.99 ($49.99 tonight)

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One person got one to try out, and liked it (got the lead from the product website blog–read into that whatever you want):

All other woots and woot-offs have $79.99: Like this woot

I don’t have time to link up to good comments (pro and con) from the above, only one concern I didn’t know about. The last woot’s has 2 comments talk about how the products when received don’t appear to be brand new, or were handled. Not sure what to make of that.

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can I sharpen other type of blades like lawn mower, axe, hedgers?

No, those blades will be too thick for a sharpener like this. Think more like a grinder for those or do them manually

I’ve been reading up on knife sharpeners lately. I’m no pro but I’ll give you what seems to be the consensus. There is knife honing and knife sharpening. “Knife honing” and “knife sharpening” are often used interchangeably but do mean two different things. Knife honing is what you see chefs doing before they use their knives. This straightens the edge of the sharpened knife and should be done each time before using a knife. Knife sharpening is better left to the pros and isn’t something that is done nearly as often. It involves giving your knives a new edge with the goal of maintaining the original angle of the edge. This is where a novice can mess things up as different knives have different edge angles.

You are correct in your explanation of the difference between honing and sharpening, BUT the question of whether to leave it to a pro or not is a personal choice. I’ve had my knives professionally sharpened for years, but I also know how and when to sharpen them myself, I believe. I’ve been using a hand sharpener for the last year with great results (not often, and only when needed…honing before each knife use with a steel)…and am now looking forward to see if this device will make the sharpening process easier and more accurate. The cost of having the pros do all my knives is a little more than the cost of this thing, so I’m probably good.

Purchased one last time WOOT had this item for sale. Very happy with it’s performance .

Unfortunately I don’t have any “electric knives” or this would be perfect.

The deal breaker for me is that it does not sharpen serrated or ceramic knives.

Bummer!! I actually was thinking about buying this also.

Better luck tomorrow I guess.

I wonder how many Amish people own these.

Tomorrow won’t be any better for you! You can’t sharpen ceramic knives with any type of sharpener!

What about the blades from a Hughes 500D? Those might work, but it would be a little tricky. I always like having a sharp edge on my 500D in case any zombies try to board.

This is some major bull pucky, Woot. You made me pay $10 more last month. Time to kick down with some more jumbowoot credit. Thaaaaanks!

FWIW, mine did appear to be new and it works great.

The answer is 12


Will it be able to sharpen super hard knives like the japanese santoku ones?

The sharpeners description says…

Designed to safely and easily sharpen even the highest quality double-beveled European, American and Asian style straight edge kitchen knives.

So Japanese knives should be fine.