Pro Edge Elite Electric Knife Sharpener

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I don’t have an electric knife that needs sharpening, otherwise I’d be in for… never mind, still wouldn’t be interested.

I highly suggest The Accusharp sharpener, it’s deceptively cheap.

Mind you I’m not a fan of electric knife sharpeners so it might be that I’m a little biased. But the accusharp is $9.30 with free prime shipping… I’ve had mine for ~3 years now and have no complaints w/ that sharpener on neither my good knives nor the cheapos. (well, aside from that it doesn’t do serrated blades :wink: )

Just got mine in…used it on all of my Wusthoff knives and they are razor sharp…I have had them a long time but I might go so far as to say sharper than when they were new? $50…this was a steal as far as I am concerned. Professional sharpening can easily cost $5 to $10 PER KNIFE. Now I can do it myself FOREVER for $50. Is this as good as a pro…I dunno but based on my first try I say it is.

Do not listen to the guy who claimed good authority for using straight razors in this- not a good idea. i actually use them to shave so I have a pretty good idea how to hone them.

Highly recommend. I purchased this last time it was for sale.

Woot has never let me down yet on a good deal. This is a steal at this price. Matter of fact I am buying another one as part of a wedding present.

Bought one of these years ago. The best knife sharpener I’ve ever used.

Knives are sharp and last.

If I did’nt have one I’d get one.

It works. A ten of ten.

I am very happy with this sharpener. I like that one side can hone the edge and the other sharpens - I hope this feature helps keep a nice edge without having to over-sharpen the blade.
Also, my wife was thrilled with the results. You know the saying: sharp knife, happy wife, happy life!

Thanks for this rec! ($6 on eBay if you can deal with a PINK one) I’ve been wanting a knife sharpener but had nowhere to put yet another countertop appliance. The Accusharp looks like it’ll be perfect.

I got one from Woot a few months ago and it is surprisingly excellent and far surpassed my expectations. We have some rather decent knives and I always (thought) I kept them sharp using a sharpening steel very often. After using the sharpener (per directions) I was amazed at the edge and what I had thought previously was sharp, was rather dull. Only problem is now that all the knives are super sharp, the machine just sits in a cabinet…but well worth it at the price if you like using knives to do a lot of food prep.

Does anyone know if the length of the blade or the shape of the handle make any difference in the machine’s ability to sharpen the entire blade? I thinking of my trusty Swiss Army pocket knife.

I have this sharpener and it looks like it could do it “BUT” please understand this is just my unqualified opinion.

If this is a deal breaker for you then I would suggest trying one out (from a neighbor?) before you purchase.

But for the money this is dirt cheap.

Got mine a couple of weeks ago. Much better then the other major brand electric sharpener.

First used it to sharpen a knife that always gave me trouble sharpening - most times could never get it REALLY sharp. Before Pro Edge: knife failed my tomatoe test. After Pro Edge: no problem getting razor thin tomatoe slice.

My tomatoe test: place knife edge at about 20-degree angle to tomatoe surface and attempt a slice. If the knife slips on the tomatoe - very dull. If knife cuts the skin and makes a slice - sharp.

we purchased this on last woot; it works pretty good… You can accidentally bounce the knife near the hilt if you apply too much pressure; makes you cringe when it does this but overall it’ll clean up a crappy knife edge in 8 or 10 passes.

note: This doesn’t handle serrated blades.

we cleared through all our knives and it does make giant difference. we had three knives that were too wide in the blade material to fit in the knife sharpener… so we ended up getting a handheld Accu Sharp Knife Sharpener that had a larger opening.

if you don’t have the patience to balance and hone your knife on a nice japanese wet stone or multiple ceramic stones then this will work great for your kitchen, utility and camping needs.

How do these compare to the Chef’s Choice which were the gold standard 25 years ago and are still in the market?

Wondering the same thing…

I’ve often considered purchasing something like this (or the Accusharp mentioned above) based on my laziness. What I fear, however, is that these type of sharpeners sharpen to one angle only. All knives are not created equally, and can have a ‘factory’ edge at angles that could differ from the angle that these automatic sharpeners are set to. Also, some good knives are even sharpened to multiple angles…

I would fear that using something like this, may alter the shape of your blade. I guess if you continue to use it, the knife’s angle is (or now BECOMES) what this creates (if that makes sense). And if you are ok with that, this should be fine for you. But I would caution that there is a very good likelihood that you will permanently alter the intended angle(s) of your expensive knives. And that could be a good or bad thing depending on if you value the time saved by using this (over a whetstone & honing rod) more than the price of your knives!

I’m not a professional chef, and don’t even play one on TV. But I am an engineer who dabbles in the kitchen, and angles certainly make sense to me! I would love to hear others’ take on this issue.

The engineer in me is saying stay away from automatic sharpeners and take the time to properly sharpen and hone my knives. BUT, the lazy guy in me is saying, ‘ah, who cares… 10 seconds prior to every use, and I’ll have a nice sharp blade every time.’ I think the engineer is still winning though… he’s very stubborn.

I can’t be entirely sure about kitchen knives, but woodworking tools and most other knives have a an extraordinarily standard 22.5 degree angle. Regardless, factory edges are nonsense, most knives aren’t sharp enough to cut a tomato out of the box.