Pro Edge Elite Electric Knife Sharpener

dammit! I just bought one of these from Woot a month ago for $5 more!

Hell of a knife sharpener! Sharpened all the wife’s knifes in 20 minutes (there were a lot!). Now I’m king of the casa again!

Ummm…king of the house but your wife has all the sharp weapons…

Did anyone ever resolve what angle this sharpens to? (which was brought up during some previous sales). I don’t see how it could be good for both western and asian style knives, considering that the angles and symmetry can differ significantly. I would probably assume that it grinds a symmetrical and basically western/european angle and would therefore “ruin” asian knives, but it claims to be able to do both. Is it adjustable or something, or are they just being overly optimistic?

A word of caution, and I’m sure this has been said before: Regular use of an electric sharpener shall destroy your knives. Always attempt to hone first, and reserve sharpening for an edge that simply cannot be kept any longer with a honing rod. Even after you’ve sharpened your knives, a manual honing is necessary to polish the edge. I would personally recommend extra-fine grit rods of either diamond or ceramic.

According to the manual here:

This appears to sharpen at a 17.5 degree angle on each side, so they were apparently trying to compromise between European and Asian style knives, but more toward the European end of the scale. Doesn’t really seem ideal for either though, and is of course unsuitable for anything with an asymmetric grind.

It looks like Edgeware does make an adjustable unit, but this Woot isn’t it.

Could this sharpen this sword I found in the forest? I pulled it out of a stone.

This is an outstanding machine at a fraction of its list price. You can do a lot of knives in a short time. Beware, you can make them sharp enough to make them dangerous (if you have dull knives, warn others in the house that you sharpened them). You can control how sharp you make them by both the number of passes you do on each knife and by the slot you use. You decide how sharp they come out. It has two slots one more aggressive than the other.

In terms of types of knives, with the exception of serrated knives (which are not meant to ever be sharpened) it does them all. That’s right both the western and Asian (japanese) types. It has a description of what angle and process to use for each.

This is one of those rare Woot items you can actually find real use for in your house as opposed to in a storage shed.

Will this sharpen the blades on the Troy-Bilt Reel Mower over at Woot Home? Boxmonkey says the blades go dull and rusty after every use.

I would humbly suggest against using this on knives that you like. Learning to use a honing steel or a stone is a better choice. This is fine for wal mart bargain bin blades but not for anything better.

Anyone know how close to the handle of a knife this thing is able to sharpen? I had an old electric sharpener years ago that I gave away because it couldn’t sharpen any closer than about 3/4" from the handle. Not a problem on a large knife, but quite a pain if you’re sharpening a small paring knife or pocket knife.

Bought one last time around (my knives were so dull) I had a non-electric sharpener I was using but this did the trick in record time and my knives are ever so sharp. I love this thing!!

I bought one of these from woot and it does work great on all of the knives I’m willing to use it on!! utility knives, pocket knives, and the knife I use to cut the woot packages open!

The angle is wrong for the Wusthof knives in my kitchen…

I bought one of these last time around. It’s works real well and you won’t get one for less anywhere!

I have several Chef’sChoice sharpeners. I have Wusthof knives, Calphalon knives, and many wonderful old, old American-made knives (that need way more TLC than the Wusthof). I also have some damascus blades. I use the sharpeners on all of my knives. Seeing first hand the amount of steel that I lose when I sharpen my blades–in my lifetime–I don’t expect to see my blades deteriorate or change their shape. Maybe my grandchildren will–when they are old and gray…

This sharpener is absolutely wonderful for knives that have been abused–as in not sharpened or not sharpened correctly for a long period of time. “Abused” knives can be rejuvinated very quickly. Kind of pleasurable to see “instant results”!

I dunno squat about sharpening knives, but I see another electric sharpener for $27.54 which has a nearly 5-star review average after 156 reviews.

Don’t know much about the Walmart one, but I’ve been using this one for years and would not trade it for any other. It works flawlessly. Knives stay VERY sharp for a long time. Have never had the priveledge of working with such sharp knives.

Would definetely recommend. 5 STARS hands down.

Paid this price 4 or 5 years ago when the greatest discounts could be found. Takes less than a minute to the sharpest knives you have ever used.

Does anyone know if this is big enough to sharpen a machete?

No, your Majesty, I am afraid it won’t.

Only if you wield it to do noble & honorable deeds.