Pro-Form Strapless Heart Rate Monitor and Step Pro Pedometer Bundle

I have been eyeing the fit bit for quite a while but balked at the cost.

Could anyone who owns this tell me what I can do with the data that this thing collects? Is it too much to expect to export anything? If it is possible, how?


this is not an automatic heart rate monitor, its one of those you have to press your thumb against the outside of the watch

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You can write it down I guess…

Doesn’t hook up to anything, it’s very low tech.

YES! more gadgets! gotta have it!

:\ I think Ill be passing this one up.

if it’s strapless why does it have a strap?

I knew it! I knew somebody would ask that!

The last page of the previous woot has some bad reviews. I was in the market for a sports watch but will probably pass on this one.

Your Rolex includes a touch heart rate monitor too; touch your carotid artery then count heartbeats for 15 seconds.

Of course, you could just wear a watch with a second hand and count your pulse for 15 seconds and multiply by 4…at least that’s what we were taught in nursing school.

Strapless, as in no strap that you have to wear around your chest, which I think most people would prefer over this.

Here’s a review from overstock - I think I’ll pass since it’s hard to use while exercising.

My other question is - will it sync to display the HR on the exercise treadmill at the gym like the other strap-on chest wall monitors.

I used this HR monitor for two days while hiking, running, etc. I found the method it uses to measure HR very inconsistent and unreliable and a bit inconvenient to use during exercise. To obtain your HR you must hold the watch in two places across its face and push a button. Then it takes a second or two to register the HR WHEN it works. While jogging or riding a bike, this maneuver is at best inconvenient and at worst dangerous. Further, while I found the HR fairly reliable when just walking, at higher activity levels it would simply flash 10-12 times then beep and revert back to the time function without ever recording a HR! This after trying to run and hold your own wrist with the opposite hand for several seconds. My conclusion is that for other than very limited use (like just walking), you’ll have to either pay significantly more for higher quality OR go back to using a chest strap monitor.

If you look at the photo of the product box, it says “No chest strap required!” So, that’s what they mean.

Nice question, though. lol.


Hey Woot you guys should test the items you put up for sale first. It’s a well known fact that Woot has no heart so how did you test it?

I’ve used various heart rate monitors and I find the that on-demand touch-sensor types like this one work fine. I don’t know how well this Pro-Form works, but I’ve found touch-sensor heart rate monitors by Mio and Sportline very accurate. The chest-strap snobs will probably tell you that they are not, but they are. I’ve compared them with a chest-strap heart rate monitor and by taking my own pulse and it’s always within a beat or two. Best Buy and Sears sell the Mio’s and lets you try them at the store to test their accuracy. Wal-Mart sells the Pro-Form monitors, but I don’t think it’s this one. And you have to open the package to test it.

I personally rarely use my chest-strap heart rate monitor because it’s more of a hassle to deal with unless I’m at the gym and want to sync with a machine. I have a Mio Motiva and it’s nice to just put it on and get to my workout. I’ve even used it to give me an estimate of how many calories I burn at the mall compared to sitting at home. What I like about the Motiva is that it has a calorie tracker. You can enter your meal calories and it will keep track of them and subtract your calories when you exercise. I’m too lazy for that so I use the calorie countdown mode where I start off with 3,500 calories (a pound of fat). As I exercise during the week, the watch will keep track of the calories I burn as I work towards burning off 3,500 calories. My guess is that the Pro-Form has a simple calorie counter that will keep track of your calories while the exercise timer or countdown is activated. So it will probably keep track of your calories for a single workout but not over a period of time. If you have a smartphone or even a computer with a spreadsheet, you could probably get an program that allows you to enter the calories yourself and keep track of it that way.

Of course the calorie counters (on any heart rate monitor) are not going to be completely accurate. They’re really more useful to get estimates of what you burn during exercise and establish a baseline so you can compare how many calories you burn over time.

One thing to keep in mind with these touch-sensor heart rate monitors is that you’ll have to press your finger on the sensor for a couple seconds. So if you’re a jogger or runner and would have problems doing that, you’ll want to get a heart rate monitor with a chest-strap. I mostly do P90X-type exercises and circuit training in my home, so these work better for me as I’m moving a lot and I don’t like to wear a chest strap on a weight bench/machine.

I recently started the Insanity workout (hardcore cardio workout) and picked up a Bowflex strapless HRM from bensoutlet for $19.99 shipped. It is the same type as this, where you have to hold your fingers over the sensors and it is tough to do in a 30 second water break as sometimes the reading takes a minute to get and you have to push a button for 2 seconds to get it into HRM mode. I think I would rather have one with a strap that is always giving me the output, so I know at a glance.

Thank you. You just saved me $25.

When is says strapless it means you don’t need a strap around your chest.