Pro IVs Combo w/ Belt & Slippers-2 Color

The slippers are junk… the back pad requires water-soluable conductive gel to work.

But the TENS itself is ok. The modes are a little goofy and I’m not sure where you can get replacement pads…

Oh, and there is a chi map so you can channel you chi included with it! :^P

Agreed… tens unit is good pads and water soluble gel reasonably available, ask local pharmacist for help… read caution about placing electrodes at or above diaphragm… can be painful at higher volts. Will als say its good.for releasing fibromyalgia knots of lower body especially pelvic girdle… worth 49 not 10xs that Buying set for my mom…

Bought this before. Complete junk. Don’t waste your money

I didn’t buy this here but spent more than twice this price and love the thing. I get leg cramps at night which used to be horrible and aggravating. Now instead of getting up swearing and stumbling around to walk out the cramp, I plug in the tens unit to the slippers and set it on about 5 and relax in a chair. It also works great for neck, back, sciatic pain. Well worth the 50 bucks and the things keeps a charge for weeks when not in use. I don’t have the belt option

Bought it the last time it was on here. I love it.

Good for my many aches from HIIT. If nothing else, it gets the blood circulating.

I have the model up (Pro V) and I love it for my shoulders and back. The slippers are great if you’re on your feet all day. You can by accessories at the Zon.