Pro-Lift 12V Stuff

Until just a few days ago I had this exact same item (Pro-Lift W-1702 Air inflator with Gauge) but under a different brand name. I purchased it at W-mart at least 7 years ago because I had a small air leak in my car tire. While a bit slow and probably a little louder than I would have preferred, it did work well. It comes with all the little attachments you need to pump balls, inflate air mattresses, top off your tires, or you can just scare the bejesus out of your neighbor’s cat by turning it on.

Plugged in, the cord is long enough to reach the tires of most vehicles. My only mistake was setting it on the ground while trying to inflate an extremely low tire with a nail in it. I believe the vibrations ruptured something loose inside. So, hold your device for the few minutes to inflate that tire!

I would be remiss not to post that since I did have to purchase a new one per that POS nail, the latest air inflator devices/brands are only a few dollars more at your local box store(s). Also, I noticed that they appear a bit more quiet and have more power to inflate significantly faster than this one.


A 12V foot pump? Well I’ll be…

Yeah, what’s up with that!?!?

My foot only produces 6V-- what am I supposed to do, use both feet??? I’d look like an i-d-i-o-t…

Is this powered by a car cigarette lighter, a standard wall plug or both options?

Which item are you asking about?

Sadly I didn’t even try to use this until the 90 days was up. It simply doesn’t work. Lesson learned - try the stuff you get from Woot as soon as it arrives. Especially if it arrives in a box that looks like it was sent to someone else who returned it…

I just tried that wet/dry vacuum. What a piece of crap. Barely sucks up anything.