Pro-Lift I-8006 Power Bank/Jump Starter

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Pro-Lift I-8006 Power Bank/Jump Starter
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Comments from a previous sale
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What’s the warranty on these?

Can it be left in the car? Example; sometime in Florida

Buyer beware! About a year and a half, I bought 5 of these for immediate family members. My son and daughter needed to use them and they were “dead” I first thought they didn’t keep them charged properly. I religiously charge mine every month. Needed to use it to start my parents car, and the 4 lit leds immediately went off - battery ran out. Being it was about 3 weeks since I last charged it (manual basically says every 3 months), I charged if fully. Took over 4 hours and I saw the LEDS stopped blinking. Tried now, again to start car. Sane thing, car wouldn’t start, all LEDS back off - battery out of power. Nite that the car, before trying this didn’t have the power to start - I heard the sounds which meant a very weak car battery. I then pushed the car out of where it was, took out my jumper cables, and once that was hooked up, in the 5-10 seconds it took me to reach my hand back into the window to turn the key, the car started right up. That means the car battery just needed a little help which this device could NOT provide. As an electronic tech, either these things don’t work at all, or the ones I bought from this brand are defective. At the time when I bought them, they were about $55, so it appears I wasted over $250 on this (prolift) items. I still believe the idea might work. Unfortunately there is no way to test these, other than letting your car battery drain out until your car won’t start at all, however, that can be damaging to the battery so your test can cost you to have to get a new car battery ($100-$200 depending on who you buy it from). Not a good way to test these devices.

Hello. We show the warranty at the bottom of the features. This has a 90-day Pro Lift Warranty.

Not true, there is a way to test these. Take off your battery cables and attach to them to just the battery jumper and see if it starts your car. If your car starts turn off the car as soon as possible.

I’m guessing the no answer to my question is: NO, I can’t leave it in the car. Thank you!

I have left one of these in my car in LA for a couple years. I doubt the heat is great for the battery lift, but at least it hasn’t exploded yet.

Separately, I agree with elliotmh. These might be reliable for very small 4-cylinder cars or go carts. But I wouldn’t trust them with anything bigger. I wasn’t able to start my V6 with this. I didn’t even hear the starter engage. Get something bigger because reliability is the whole point.