Pro-Lift I-8006 Power Bank/Jump Starter

I’m curious – has anyone seen one of these things actually work? A friend tried to jump my car with one recently and it did nothing.

Maybe hers was bad, or an inferior brand, or not properly charged. But I’ve heard other stories as well. So I’m just wondering if there are any success stories out there…?

I have a noco(sp) genius boost that works well and repeatedly… So they do work… I don’t know much about this brand tho

Decent reviews over on Amazon…

I used a different brand last week and it did indeed get my car started!

There was one thing I noticed when reading about these things: some show that they are rated for 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, 8 cylinder, etc. I have a 6 and used one rated for a 4 and it still worked but there did seem to be a struggle at first.

The 4 vs 6 vs 8 cylinder issue may be why it didn’t work in your case. :slight_smile:

These sorts of things work only when your battery is not completely drained. It can definitely help if your battery still has some juice but not enough to turn the car over (tick tick tick tick from your starter).

Own three of various brands including this one and put them in each of my cars. Teen left lights on in my 2001 Volvo wagon while in school. Called me at work in a panic when the battery was dead. Reminded him about jump starter. He was able to figure it out and get the car started himself. Bonus is it also charges devices which may be needed if we lose electricity when Irma comes through our area. But you have to remember to charge them up periodically.

I bought another brand from Costco. It worked really well, ran my 5v light system through the night at shows, charged devices well, held a charge for a long time, and yes started cars and trucks. I was skeptical too, and tested it in the lot by completely disconnecting the battery: started right up.

I lost it. Bought another brand from Amazon. Didn’t start cars but maybe once, even fully charged. Wouldn’t hold a charge. Unfortunately I didn’t figure this out within the return time frame.

This one has promising reviews for actually working. Who knows? I am reluctant given the no return policy. But I may give it a shot. The sole one star review is not based on experience with the product, but advertising.

I have a device like this (not this particular one) in both of my vehicles. I tested one. I COMPLETELY disconnected the battery from the wife’s car (4 cyl). Hooked up a similar device to this. The car fired right up. Just to make sure that it wasn’t the cables accidentally touching the battery terminals, I made sure they were out of the way and restarted her car.

So while I can’t vouch for this particular brand, these types of devices can jump a car, several times, even if the battery is completely shot.

I have one of these units. I primarily bought it for it’s excellent phone charging capabilities and was somewhat humored it came with jumpers for car batteries.
One day my big ole 8 cylinder Dodge Ram wouldn’t start and my trusted battery jump-starter (made specifically for vehicle batteries) wouldn’t bring it over the hump. On a whim, I hooked this unit up, waited a minute and…my truck fired right up.
I was agog that something so compact would work on a monster sized truck battery.
I’m a staunch believer in these units now.

Interesting Link. 99 percent of the reviews are non-verfied. I.E. potentially could be all review bots. 4 or so where verfied and good reviews.

This is a great website:

I purchased one months back and it works great. It has charged my car several times and recently charged my neighbors SUV.

As a person who has one it really does work. It has charged cars, SUVs and electronics. It works GREAT!! About to purchase another for my mother.

I sent Woot an email, but they didn’t respond. Does anyone have a phone number I can use to contact them?

If phone service is avaiable, it will be shown in the Woot Customer Service form.

They’ll answer your email pretty quick. Make sure you check spam/junk folders. Also make sure your email address on woot is correct.

how does one re-charge this? does it hold the charge very long? is it good for 4/6/8 cylinders. didn’t find answer on Woot site. thanks for info.

Not necessarily. I have one (although a different brand) and when I first got it I disconnected the battery from my car, hooked it up to just the car’s cables (with no battery attached at all) and it fired right up. I have used it to jump two different cars on separate occasions and never had a problem. I think the important thing is to always keep it fully charged.

I have one for my wife’s vehicle, another for my dad’s and I have never had an issue with any of them. I am actually purchasing my third for my personal use.

When the car battery is very dead, it will be a draw on this battery rather than helping it out, so disconnecting the car battery is a good idea.