Pro Series Fluid Bike Trainer

Lots of comments from when this was offered in February

One person is happy at dick’s

For a very casual rider, is there any benefit to this over a regular exercise bike?

You’ll probably get more levels of resistance with a trainer, as you can run through the gears on your bike. I also happen to find the fat seats on exercise bikes to be really uncomfortable.

less space taken up, no need to buy a second machine when you can make do with your current actual bike set to you.

Just make sure you get a riser so you’re even rather than always in downhill mode.

What size wheels does this accommodate? Will it work with a Rockhopper 29er?

I bought this in February, and I’m very happy with it. I don’t know how it compares to other fluid trainers, but compared to mag trainers, it has a much more realistic feel, and is much, much quieter.

Having just bought this trainer in a Woot sale about two weeks ago, the answer is no. I have a Specialized Hardrock 29" and it doesn’t fit, ended up sending it back.

I bought this previously and am happy with it. I saw some complaints that it was noisy, I don’t think it is very much so. I am in a small apartment and can use it during the winter months when I can’t ride outside. I did get a riser for the front wheel so I am sitting level.

I picked up one of these last time and am very happy with it. I am using it with a mountain bike instead of a road bike, the only modification I made was to fit a smooth rear tire.

The quality and construction is excellent, it’s very sturdy and stable.

When adjusted per the instructions, the resistance is higher than riding on a flat road, it’s similar to riding up a slight hill.

As other comments mentioned, you will need to elevate the front wheel slightly to make the riding position more comfortable.

It’s not terribly noisy to ride, however if you are using it in an upstairs room it can definitely be heard through the floor/ceiling below.

that’s good but disappointing to know. I have a Fuji 29er that I had planned on using on the trainer. If the Hardrock 29" doesn’t fit, then I imagine it will be the same for mine.

You could probably strengthen your core at the same time if you used a unicycle with this…

Will this work on beach cruisers or just road bikes?

A 29er has exactly the same rim diameter as a regular road bike. Arguably, what the previous poster, wolfestone said about replacing the 29er’s 2.5" knobbies (or whatever you have) with a set of 24mm slicks would be all you need to do to “convert” your 29er to work with a fluid trainer, right? Titanania, did you try that?

Why would you want to put down distance on mountain bike tires anyway?

It should work with all types of bikes. The things you need to take into account are wheel size (26" wheels should be fine) and the type of tire on your rear wheel. If you have knobby mountain bike type tires, you’ll need to put a slick tire on your rear wheel.

Personally, I have a separate set of wheels (one set with my knobby tires and another set with slicks) so that I don’t have to change the tires on the rims when I use my mountain bike on a trainer, but you don’t have to spend the money on that. A separate tire can be had for about $20, whereas a separate set of rims/rear cassette plus tires will cost a lot more. I would think that standard cruiser tires would be fine as is since they’re typically smooth.

I have this bike will this trainer work with it?

this is currently being offered on for 99.99 with a regular price of 149.99

The Graber Trainer on Amazon is Magnetic…this one is Fluid. All Fluid Trainers are less loud then a magnetic. I didn’t say “quieter” because all trainers are loud. This is a better trainer, so it is justifiably priced higher.

That’s not the same one The one on Amazon is normally listed at $150 and is $100, the woot! version is normally $250, going for $150.