pro Trump?

I saw plenty of ‘resistance’ shirts last week. I’ve taken a year woot break due to the resistance shirts offered last year, with no pro Trump balance. Where are the pro Trump shirts for this Presidents’ Day? I see lots of Lincoln (which is great!) but nothing AT ALL to balance out your resistance (anti-Trump) offerings. Sad.

400+ wooter here. I just wanted to verify Woot’s clear bias before giving up completely.

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Woot depends on artists to create the work, so it’s not necessarily about Woot having a political bias but the artists choosing what they want to create. Besides, a lot of the designs are voted on before they are chosen to be featured for sale so blame the voters, I suppose.

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Seriously? I guess you don’t like it when I buy your shirts? Well, thanks for ‘clearing’ things up for me. :slight_smile:

What’s more American than having a choice to buy or not?

Maybe you can look at non-political designs. There’s plenty (and by non-political designs I mean cats). Woot as a seller has no bias, but they can’t control what designs are submitted to them as it is all community sourced.

Oh, and most of those resistance shirts existed long before Trump took office. No need to assume meaning when none is there.

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Hi there. Woot as a company does not have a bias. The leanings of our employees are as varied as the rest of the US.

We can only present what artists give us. Some cater to society trends and the anti-Trump thing is that.

You should feel free to submit a counter design.

As to Presidents‘ Day, it’s unoficialky associated with Lincoln’s birthday.


There are catshirts?!?


Yes, not being an artist, I’ll be sure to submit my kindergarten finger painted shirt designs.

I expect a corporation, in the business of selling their wares to the public, to be apolitical or at least non-political if they can’t even attempt balance in their sales.

Apparently, in Woot’s case I expect too much.

What was the holiday that inspired the resistance shirts last week? I must have missed that.

I’m a little surprised you removed this post. It did make things clearer for me last night:

[MOD: Removed inappropriate post quote]

FYI. The post I was replying to has been removed.

Yes, I removed the post because I am trying to keep the thread apolitical. General discussions are fine but stumping or stomping on issues and people belongs in Everything but Woot.

Thank you.

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How about removing inappropriate designs? I’m mean if we’re actually trying to be apolitical here. The cats wearing p-hats, holding up resistance signs were cute, but without any balance, how can that be apolitical?

I think you’re overthinking this.


It does suck when companies get political. I bought several gun holsters from a company and I liked the style/quality. I naturally assumed they were probably pro-NRA and conservative given the nature of the products. I could stomach that. Unfortunately, they named one of the new holster designs after Trump and bragged (via marketing emails) about their product reviews found on Breitbart. (and thus directing their customers to view breitbart’s site) I didn’t want to be associated with a clearly alt-right company, so I told them as much via support email and never shopped there again. Plenty of other holster manufacturers aren’t all up in my face about their “values”. I don’t want to hear about your political beliefs. I just want to buy stuff. It’s worse when they start trying to discriminate against people and try to justify it with their “values”. Like Hobby Lobby not wanting to cover birth control on their employee health plan or bakers not wanting to serve customers who are members of a protected class. (religion/orientation/etc…)

Oh and what is with Chick-Fil-A being closed on Sunday? That’s discrimination against non-churchgoers! :grin:

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Curious what this would be…what designs would YOU like to see?

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Sure, how about someone bring back one of their old Resist President Obama designs? Oh, wait…

I do love my Arthur for King 2020 shirt. I get the implied resistance there, but at least it’s funny. That shirt is certainly not pro Trump in any way, but at least it’s not the full on hate I’m seeing offered for sale now.

I feel the quote this:

Just like voting in the elections for who you want to represent your town/county/state/country/etc., voting in the shirt.woot derby is the key to getting designs you like sold here.

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Did anyone ever even make a shirt like that?

'cept it’s by popular vote, right?

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Most elections are too.

Shirt.woot has an electoral college, although word is that it’s really just a broken 8-ball behind the curtain.


‘The derby made me do it’? I heard that last year, too. Woot has full control over and responsibility for what they offer for sale, regardless of the votes.

And no, there were no Resist President Obama shirts. That was the point. :slight_smile:

I still am partial to this offering which can certainly be read from either side. (2017 BTW)