Probe Fest

After watching the probation frenzy yesterday, I think there is a problem I don’t see why Fenstar was probed and the other offenses didn’t appear to be eggregious enough to warrant that reaction. Were there any warnings given before siccing the dog on them? Could it be because the object of scorn was Josephus? Could there be an overly zealous, inexperienced moderator out of control out there? I believe these questions need answers. It all sounds very incestuous to me. Hey, I can have an opinion right? Or will I get probed for this?

Several folks got probated (it seems) for conversations that no longer appear in several threads where it started getting kind of personal, or people were intentionally baiting each other, or the mods. Fen appears to have gotten caught up in it and got himself a timeout to sit and cool off a little. The pseudonym he was engaged with was obviously originally created with the intent of getting him angry.

I dare say if someone else was ganged up on and taunted like Joe was, and one or two individuals seemed intent to get a rise out of someone, they too might get asked to sit in the corner and think about things for a few minutes. There’s no need to be nasty in these forums. There’s even less need to attack someone’s personal beliefs or vocation.

One or two people can quickly turn what used to be a friendly, quirky community into a really unpleasant place to be. When that happens, and Woot thinks the party has gotten out of hand, it’s their right to call a cab and tell folks to go home and sleep it off.

This is not the first time an event like this has happened. Previous times it was not Joe as the target. It wasn’t even someone who’d been around as long or contributed as much as Joe. Didn’t matter though. Bad behavior is bad behavior. Mean people suck. Sometimes a timeout cures this. Let’s hope cooler heads will prevail after everyone has sobered up a little.

Blasphemy! Stone the heretic!

That is true and it is explained clearly and tested on our Computer Information Literacy at our University here. Specifically flaming, trolling, and spamming are mentioned as unacceptable practices on most forums unless otherwise noted in a disclaimer.

One more thing, Mr. Lada: Unless you see a post that says something like “this post was the reason why this poster got xxx hours probation,” I think you should assume that the offending post (or posts) was deleted. I guess that makes sense, but it also means it’s hard for those of us who see stuff after the fact to figure out where the line was.

That is correct, even though it gave me a link to the offending post it had been deleted. I can assure you that everyone did something to get probated, although I don’t think I would have given myself 30 hours. :tongue:

probation is fun. sort of. But you can’t post anything.

i don’t recall why bro d and i each got 1000 hours probation last fall but i do think it was a matter of a mod with need of an enema…

Ahhh, a common problem at times. I heard they were sending a tank truck to the White House.

Why do you keep getting it?

It occurred to me that some people might think I got my recent pile of probations as a result of being a big obnoxious insulting pottymouth, but really all the hours came from writing FIRST OBNOXIOUS POSTER! on one or two new threads, and also hitting the “post” button about 41 times to post the same thing over and over again on one of the little-used sellout.woot threads.

More hours got tacked on for “spamming,” but I don’t quite know what I did that was spamming.

Mostly I flagrantly broke the rules and was awarded the appropriate punishment. For sure I could have prevented it but at the time I was just so full of myself I couldn’t help it.


hes a probaddict.

Um, where is this probe fest you speak of?
I have brought my own assortment of lubricants.

so you are into discipline ?