Problem with a January Payment

Dear Woot Staff!

I’ve got a problem with my January payment. I’ve received not the amount that I should have received (like a lot of smaller one).
I have previously contacted ArtistPayments and even got to AccoutnsPayable team. They said that they contacted your bank and the bank said that the right amount (bigger one) was issued, not the smaller one that I received on my account. As a confirmation accountspayable gave me some technical info with wire reference.

I have contacted my bank and they said that this “technical info” doesn’t prove anything and that they received only smaller amount of money (and yes, it was from Woot) and I should contact you.

I have sent several letters about the situation to accountspayble (and directly to the senior accountant), but after some point they stopped responding.

Can anyone please contact them,so they answer me, check this situation once more and this problem can be finally solved?

P.S. My bank specifically asked about some e-document with SWIFT message. Can you please ask accountspayable about that?

Hi Bohsky

I have contacted the payments team about a similar problem with my January payment. I was told an amount was sent on 17th January, but it never showed up on my banks end. Payments said they “haven’t received a return notification” (not sure what that means but I am guessing they haven’t had the payment “bounce” back from my bank or something)

This is after having payment blocks and needing to do the tax interview and what not that many others had happen and receiving the november sales payment in early January (which did come through so they have my correct bank details now after all that went down).

These interactions started 10 days ago and as of yet the payment it still outstanding. Basic correspondence has been “we sent it already” to which I replied, “can I have some proof of transaction so I can send it to my bank for investigation” to which they replied “did you receive the last payment?” to which I replied “yes”.

And that is where I am up to with mine.

These issues must be annoying for accounts payable, artists payments, woot in general, But as artists we really are “in the dark” without some sort of an artist dashboard or transparency around payments.

Totally agree with you. I think they have tons of work even without such situations, but at the same time sending us only “we issued payment” message after a lot of time is also not right.

Looks like I am not the only one, maybe there was some technical glitch, I don’t know.

I think this month was just a funky month for payments. I got mine a few days later than usual and I never received the spreadsheet that says how many shirts I sold. It seemed in the ballpark of what I was expecting but I have no idea if it was accurate. Would be nice if they could break that down by design but their billing just might not work that way.

Hey Caity!

I always ask ArtistsPayment to send me payment breakdown (btw, also have not received it yet, although I asked about it) because of my previous experience.

One month I have received the amount that I thought was right, but I asked the breakdown and there was quite substantial difference (I haven’t counted some side sales). I asked them about that, and they were like “oh, our bad” (there was some technical error). And they sent me the rest of my money in few days. Thank them for quick responding that time). So I think it’s always better to check it. Just in case, you know :slight_smile:

I never (nor have I ever) received a spreadsheet of my kind, just the sales stats pages for most of my shirts. I’ve taken it on faith up to this point that I’ve gotten the correct amount. I got my W-2 this week from Woot and was shocked to find it’s added up to REAL MONEY.

Now I really want to pay attention. :slight_smile:

The first few months (since I’ve only been at this since like September of last year) I got a spreadsheet but it was just 1 line saying the total amount sold and dollar amount to be paid. It was not broken down by shirt design which would be handy for those of us who have started to experiment with promotion. I wish this spreadsheet was broken down without having to ask for it.

Hey all. Sorry for the problems. I’m checking in with the shirt team.

I agree. As my (modest) shirt catalog slowly grows, it would be nice to have an actual accounting. I am always amazed this time of year how much it has added up to, but without any details there is very little ability to see if I am being over (or under) paid. This is a hobby for me and as such I prefer to spend my time doodling rather than adding pennies, but a basic accounting system available to the artists seems LONG overdue.

I agree with you (and others here). We are working with accounting to get this taken care of but it is usually a two-party (artist and accounting) process to fix.

Our road map absolutely includes robust artist resources including detailed breakdowns of your design performance. This is going to take some time, though, so please bear with us.

Appreciate that, but with all due respect, I’ve been hearing this for 3 years. I’m not holding my breath.