Problem with Customer Service [resolved]

This companies customer service is a joke. I have been trying for 4 weeks to schedule a pickup for a replacement for a freezer I bought that I didn’t ask for. They sent a replacement before I asked for it because they original was damaged. I told them don’t send anything, give me a discount on the original that was largely dented because it will take 3 hours of my time to load the damaged one, and travel to a UPS location. Instead they STILL sent this. Here is how things have went after about 50 emails:
They scheduled a pickup date with UPS. They forgot to send me a label. They send me the label after the pickup day when they finally respond to me telling them they didn’t attach a label. I tell them to schedule a pickup date with UPS. They say the same thing over and over “thank you we can schedule a pickup any Monday-Friday, so and so forth time” I say “pick a day. pick any day. tell me what day it is.” I get a reply “thank you we can schedule a pickup any Monday-Friday” OVER AND OVER. Then someone replies “oh it looks like this was delivered b X Y carrier, I will contact them for a return.” WHAT? WHAT? DO THEY READ THESE EMAILS? 5 weeks with this thing I didn’t ask for. 5 weeks. My last email is again me telling them “pick any day for UPS pickup and tell me the day” then the reply is “thanks customer, looks like another employee is working on this so i will wait for them to respond.”
what the f. I have never had such awful customer service in my life

I’m very sorry for the problems here. Let me reach out to my CS partner on Monday.

Update: CEVA Logistics has been contacted to do a pick-up. They have confirmed back to us so you should be contacted soonish to schedule this.

Each time you email, your case is moved to the back of the queue.

Probably not really, but that’s a lot of emails.

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It wasn’t 50 consecutive emails - it was back and forth. Multiple failures on Woots part when responding, like I outlined. Don’t know how you get the idea that it was me sending multiple emails in a row.

Don’t know how you get the idea that it was me sending multiple emails in a row.

Because you said


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