Problem with Refurbs?


Just curious. Why do people have such a problem with refurbished items?


Well it is buying something that might have been previously broken.

Not all refurbished products have previously broken but some have.

It is definatly a risk. I mean as a kid when I broke the arm off my GI-Joes and my dad super glued them back on they almost always broken again.



Now see, here’s where we differ; when I was a kid and G.I. Joe lost an arm, he got a bloody bandage for his stump and a Purple Heart. If he lost a leg, he got all that plus a night in Barbie’s Malibu Beach House™. Where’s the peril if you can just glue spontaneously amputated extremities back on?


I learned rebirth from the Mario Bros. what can I say?

Happy Turkey




When I was a kid, I just lost my G.I. Joes. You’d figure I’d learn not bury him after the 2 time, but nope, I just had to keep burying Joe.

R.I.P. Joe, and Joe, and your buddy Joe, and Sgt. Joe. At least I know you’re all buried in sand piles somewhere.


man, i always took such good care of my toys… i wouldn’t throw my hot wheels around or anything, wouldn’t even get them scratched…


When I was young, my toys were to play with. I’d wear them out and break 'em.

But, now that I’m older, it’s different. Since I have to buy my toys now, I take good care of my stuff.