problems with fedex anyone?


hey i was wondering if anyone else has been having issues with fedex?.. i am a little afraid of getting anything expencive from woot because all fedex does is leave it at the door, they dont knock and they dont ring the doorbell. i am wondering if fedex is doing this to anyone else?.. the worst part is that my grandparents (who i live with to help them out) are home all day, and today when my earphones were deliverd, they herd someone toss something at the door, and as they checked to see what happend, they saw the fedex truck drive away!

i live in a neighborhood that isnt the best, on a main street that when school lets out there are tons of kids walkin by and i have seen many of them do various things to damage and steal from houses.

anyone else think that woot should REQUIRE a signature for all packages?

anyways… yah… any opinions?


You will find plenty of discussion on this in World of Woot.



Hey, I’ve always had real good luck with Fedex. The thing is that the alternative to dropping it off without a signature is to require a signature. If no signature is gotten then they take it back after posting a note to that effect on your door. Then you get to drive to the other side of town to pick it up. I very much agree with you that they should knock or ring when they drop it off, however.

If you type in you can get a phone # to call to arrange to have your order require a signature or at least ring the doorbell. I suspect that they would be accommodating if you called and explained your situation. Good luck


try the product forum