Problems with mobile app

Iphone 8
Was able to log into mobile app with Amazon earlier, but now when I try to log on, I get the screen where I get no, thanks or continue. I press continue and it just takes me to the Woot Security screen like it wants me to log in with my Woot account but wont let me…

Any suggestions?

You might try removing the app and reinstalling it. Let me know.

How do I refresh the mobile app home page to show current woot-off items instead of the sold out shirt, the sold out gourmet item and the soldout clearance item?

On my iPhone, I pull down on the screen to refresh. Similar to other Apps. I’m assuming it’s similar on Android?

That works. Thanks kindly.

Still has issues signing in but only sometimes. (Not as frequently as since I re-installed) I am just going to blame my phone and not the app…

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Is it possible to get the app to run in landscape mode? I use my iPad on a stand and the app is sideways :frowning: