Problems with Wootwatch

Has anyone had trouble with the iphone app wootwatch not recognizing passwords? I tried to make a purchase this morning and found I was no longer logged in to the app. So I tried to log in using the correct user name and password…no luck. Tried a couple of times and still the same thing. Used the forgot password, just in case, and still no luck signing in using the new absolutely random password link sent to my email.

I tried again this afternoon, using my PC. I was able to log in using a new temporary password, changed and updated my account. I then ordered a couple of shirts, no problem.

But, as bad luck will have it, I still cannot log in to my account on the Wootwatch app on my iphone. Even after using the brand new password I just created on my PC I had no luck.

Any help with this will be appreciated.

Check the app for info. Woot doesn’t sponsor or manage those apps, so it is not something they can fix. I know the developer of wootalyzer is active and very good about responding to bug reports, not sure in the other apps. Good luck!