Procrastinate Today

Eh. I’ll comment later.

To boldly suggest a pause ; )

Love the design, but may wait to buy it.

Hey! It’s one of the 2 designs I voted for! So, are these printing on the mutant blanks I’ve been hearing about? I haven’t bought a shirt since the days of AA so I haven’t officially decided my Anvil size, let alone my mutant Anvil size…

If you normally wear a small, order a 3X, just to make sure you can still wear it, after you wash it.

I’m kidding.
…kind of.

Your best bet is to keep avoiding them.

Just order the same size as you did before. I don’t find them that bad at all.

Just do it! Procrastinate later.

:frowning: Sad days… I was a Women’s Large in AA, so I figure Anvil Medium… but I don’t know…

Oh and for the S to 3X comment… I guess you could just not wash the shirt :stuck_out_tongue:

From AA WL, some folks have moved all the way down to a WS for the neckstretch Anvils, but with reports that the women’s mutant Anvils are narrower, you might need to stick with the WL size.

(Sorry I couldn’t be of better help.)

IMHO, a true procrastinator would NEVER say, “procrastinate today”. Much more likely to say, “procrastinate tomorrow”!

AOK I made a note to myself.

Yay boots!

Hey! Thank you Woot for printing my design. Thank you people who liked it. I’ll send you all cards or something. Later. :wink:

That’s kind of the joke (or at least it’s supposed to be, doh!). I like to think of it as “a call to inaction.” :slight_smile:

Huzzah Boots! Love your sense of humor on these sharp typographic designs-

That’s a great idea. I am going to quit washing all my clothes. If I wear enough cologne no one will notice.

Slick! Love the colours in this too :slight_smile:

Well, I ordered it… fingers crossed that it fits somewhat ok…