Procrastinate Woot Info Post
I like the in you!

Procrastinate [Can I Go Last?] - $10.00 + free shipping (standard) OR $5 to get it overnight (Tuesday) OR $5 international shipping shipping

1 * Black Woot Tee

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I’ll buy this tomorrow, providing the world hasn’t blown up…

what’s new in Baltimore?

glad this one won! way to go, nice design
ill get around to buying it later though

It doesn’t even look like earth…

Something’s off about the font… :\

Congrats, though. I like the artwork. :slight_smile:

I’ll think of something funny to say…tomorrow.

Really?? Really?? Aw, come on! bangs head on desk


It’s all part of the 2012 theme!

Shirt’s Typography got updated versus the one in the Derby. Isn’t that… unusual? O.o

I feel as though a part of me just died.

I just cannot understand how this shirt is considered on theme.

At all.

Or even well executed.

It saddens me.

But that’s not how plate tectonics work!

Ironic if this sells out early

This is not a good rule to live by when you are working on your dissertation… XD

This looks nothing like propaganda IMO… all I see is cutesy dinosaurs.

Go figure.

The font seems off, maybe the artist procrastinated, and threw together a font at the last minute?


I might snag one, well that is if I don’t procrastinate in clicking the button

This was not the shirt I waited up for.


No Thanks!