Prodigy P500 Elongated Digital Toilet

Prodigy P500 Elongated Digital Toilet

“Automatically detects when a user is seated, ensuring the bidet is on when you want it and off when you don’t.”

The"bidet" lacks the actual bidet function?


NOTE: The Prodigy P500 is a toilet and does not contain a bidet feature.
Weird. But that’s in the description!


Bidet won’t spray if your rump isn’t seated to block the water jet from hitting the ceiling.

But the product line is call “Bio Bidet” with no bidet, what’s up with that?!?!
It’s a hard no for me.

This model does not have a “water jet”, it is just a fancy toilet with no bidet functions.

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Without a water-jet, this is a strange product in search of a use. …

No bidet feature, so I need a wireless remote, why?

IT IS NOT a bidet. bio bidet is the brand. it is Digital ( :rofl:) toilet … like you need an app to “flush” it … at least you can say: “Alexa - flush the poop” (you can’t)

Can I add my existing bio bidet to it?

Bio Bidet because the cleaning spray is biologically produced?!