Product idea


I have tried to contact Woot to see if they would be interested in one of our products but they haven’t responded. Do you think they are backed up or just ignoring me?

Here’s my offer - The Executive Traveler humidor from Thompson Cigar:

Would you buy it?


Not I.


Lord, cigars are so 2003…




Um, depending on the price from woot (and the dimensions, I would consider it as a gift for a few people.


Today’s product is Wine. I think that is a great test case for us.

And, yes, a humidor makes a great present for the right person.

But Woot is still ignoring my offer.


So, send them a humidor filled with a nice selection of cigars. Let them know what you have, let them feel it, smell it, taste it, smoke it even. At worst your out a humidor and cigars, at best you get to be a Woot supplier.


Are the folks at woot old enough to smoke?


You’re never too young to start smoking. Just ask Joe Camel.


I’m still waiting. I’ve tried friendly messages to and I think


Make an MP3 Player/Humidor . . . .


Find me a technology partner. I love it.


Patent pending . . .