Product Returned by mistake, I really don't know what to do.


My product was returned by mistake by my dad while i was away. Ups can’t do anything about it and I don’t know what to do. Unfortunately, there is no way to really contact Woot unless it is through email. Do i get charged for refusing a package? Help Please. Email me at


I looked on line and they do have information on returns but not on refusal of packages, which technically isn’t a return because it was never accepted. :frowning: help


wow, i’ve never heard of anything like that happening? have you sent woot an email yet?


yeah i just sent them an email. I just found out like a half hour ago. I"m really upset because it was a present for someone. This sucks and I hope they don’t charge me for it because i would like to wait and see if they have another good deal to buy another product.


I ment i just found out that the package was rejected a half hour ago.


wow that really stinks… lemme see if anyone from woot is on IRC… even if they had a phone though, i don’t think anyone would be there this time of day…


I’m on the phone with UPS now, again and hoping they can do something. Their customer service is so nice. :slight_smile:


i posted a message on the IRC, there’s a few people from woot on there, but they’re usually quiet… dunno if they’ll do anything…


uhhh, what’s IRC? UPS said they’ll call me tomorrow to see if the package is on the plane and if it doesn’t get shipped tonight I can probably ask for it to be delivered back but i won’t know until tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed.


corneliaprim, I’ll report the issue for you. I assume it went back to the warehouse…not sure how they handle it, but it probably isn’t the first time. It’ll get straightened out, ya’ just may have to deal with the delay.

edit…if it was just rejected today and it’s still in the hands of UPS…definately work on rescheduling a delivery.


Internet Relay Chat… it’s a chat room, woot has a semi-official one that the people who run woot are in often… one of the mods said she’ll let them know…


Cool, thank you soo much.


Hi, it’s the next day and I just receive information from UPS that the item was already sent back to the shipper. This sucks, I want my MP3 player :frowning: sniffle sniffle. Please help, don’t know what to do


read me…Waaaaaaaa…sniffle sniffle


I already reported it, but you should e-mail woot (w/ a very clear subject line) with an explanation and all relevent info, like order # and tracking #…Hope you get your item back, soon.


I’m emailed them with the information and the issue still isn’t resolved yet :frowning: I’ll wait till Monday and try to email them again.


First why did your dad refuse it? ODD

But anyway, once an refused item gets back to a UPS center, its generally loaded on an outbound trailer within 30minutes (at least where I work) Chances of UPS being able to track the package down, is slim to none, the UPS customer service isn’t even really at UPS in most cases. Keep that tracking number, keep watching it, you may be able to contact the UPS center where WOOT is located and call them the day before it gets to them and ask to see if they can redirect it the morning it comes in.


ooooo, thanks I’ll check up on it now :slight_smile: