Product Spotlight: Aprons

Serious, yo. Bring back Grill Masters of the Universe.

Lovely aprons. Not a one that I’d want. So here’s my list of aprons I’d buy.

  1. True Love, by Walmazan
  2. The Divine Recipe, by Walmazan (I’d even pledge to buy 3 of these.)
  3. CATsup, by Ochopika (was this an apron already?)
  4. CATastrophe, by Ochopika
  5. and just for ME, pick a random fox an’ stick it on an apron for me. lol

I have the kitchen warfare apron – perfect for dads grillin with fire! Great design for this, great sale, Woot!


Got it for my fiancee’s dad XD He loves it.

I bought the Cupcakeosaur apron the first time it was offered waaaay back. I have to admit these really are good aprons! Very thick material, good (and generously sized) straps/ties, and the design seems to be holding up well. It would be nice if the pockets were a little bigger as it is a tight squeeze to reach into two of the three, but since I use mine mostly for bacon and baking, I just don’t put anything in them. Hope this helps any “on the fence” people.

I’m debating adding the Fresh Cake remix one - my shirt was attacked my bacon and hasn’t been the same since. Poetic justice? Or just Woot getting more of my monies?

Sooo, when’s this Fast Food design gonna be a tank top? :wink:

Yes, this!!!

I am SO SAD that the Bake It So Apron is sold out. So so sad. Please bring it back!!!

Seriously. So sad. So sad that I’m posting twice!!

I’ve been looking for an apron that I liked even a little bit to buy here for a long time.

You Can’t Catch Me ended up fitting my criteria.

  1. Neutral Color - Not into black aprons at all - white flour nuff said.

  2. Design - that won’t freak out guests, but is somewhat original.

  3. Not Gender Specific - I like help in the kitchen. : )