Product Spotlight: Jersey Zip Hoodies 2.0

I ordered the well equipped hoodie and never received it last time it popped up. Now its $3 more. Instead of refund could you just mail one of these out?

Really hoping that Tardis design isn’t a Sherlock spoiler…haven’t seen this new season yet.

If so…very unfortunate.

Please bring back the light weight goodies. These are just that bit too small for us curvy girls.

Since we always seem to get comments after these are offered and in the customer’s hands …

**The jersey zip hoodie is a lightweight hoodie, so think t-shirt material. The sizing runs small on these, so you may want to consider going up a size or two versus the t-shirts. **

So don’t say you weren’t informed …

I ordered the Well Equipped Jersey Zip Hoodie during a side sale back in Oct. (Parkertron, it was $23 then too, I don’t know when it was ever cheaper except if it was on a different blank perhaps?)

I’m happy with it. It is a light weight jacket though, pretty much on par with a long sleeve t-shirt only with a zipper and hood. If anyone’s curious, I wear the Anvil WS well and the Small in this jersey hoodie fits me well too.

During one of the woot offs shirtwoot was involved in, I think they sold them for $18. I’d like to see the pullover jersey hoodies ones get a retry; they were a blink + you missed it moment. Miss long sleeved t-shirts and the crewneck sweatshirts don’t sit comfortably on my shoulders.

I’ve seen the current season so I can definitely tell you that the only genuine connections between those fandoms are Steven Moffat and some of the actors (not characters). :slight_smile:

I don’t remember the exact time period, but it was $20 on December 14th. I ordered it with another shirt and a gate. CS decided to email me that they would start the refund process 4 days ago.

It was in the Holiday Gift Guide 2014 for $20.

Out of curiosity, where is this info located other than in this thread? I don’t mind the thickness of the hoodie but didn’t realize it would be pretty tiny. I thought the sizing would be similar to the shirts and other hoodies.

There’s a link to a sizing chart on every shirt’s page.

I didn’t know jersey hoodies are different. I guess i do now, after getting my shirt. One of my fav designs on my least fav shirt. I hope they reoffer on a REAL sweatshirt! Please Woot!?! I LOVE the hoodie with my unstealthiest ninja