Product Spotlight: Jersey Zip Hoodies

Why do the hoodies only go to 2x?

“2X” is laughable, at best. I bought a 2X zip previously and it cannot close on my within-size chest, but a buddy of mine that regularly only buys Large wears it like it’s painted on. AVOID.

If these were 100% cotton’ I’d have bought one. What’s with all that polyester?

Interesting. I bought a mystery hoodie a while ago and added a size to avoid the “painted on” look (particularly when layering) but it feels close to two sizes too big. It was one made in Honduras (50:50 cotton/poly) so it could depend on the materials/manufacturer.

What you ordered was the regular fleece hoodies, not the jersey hoodies sold here.

Shirt.woot has offered 5 different types of hoodies supplied by 4 different manufacturers. This is typical practice for imprinted goods.

In other words, always check the sizing charts!

Hey Woot!.. Can you bring back the “Cloak of Visibility” zip up hoodie? Plllleeeaaassseeee.

Finally received. This is absolute garbage clothing. Per the previous, it’s way too small. Tried to close the front by putting my hands in the pocket, and a stich popped. I’m going to have to give this XL hoodie to my 10 year old niece. I should have known, as I’ve ordered a shirt from here and it was extremely small as well. It will be shame on me from here on out. Just avoid altogether.